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Cat Wayland

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PhD student


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Mihaela Mihai (Politics) & Radhika Govinda (Sociology)


2017-present - PhD Political Theory, University of Edinburgh

2016-2017 - MScR Politics, University of Edinburgh

2012-2013 - MA Political Philosophy (distinction), University of York

2009-2012 - BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy and Economics (1st class honours), University of York

Funding and Awards

2019 - Student Experience Grant (with Kamya Choudhary) awarded £2615 for two art-based projects on decolonising knowledge production

2016-2020 - ESRC 1+3 Studentship

2013 - Geoffrey Heselton Dissertation Prize  (MA Political Philosophy), University of York

2013 - Department of Politics Postgraduate Prize (MA Political Philosophy), University of York

2012-2013 - Morrell Studentship for the MA in Political Philosophy (The Idea of Toleration), University of York

Papers and Presentations

2020 - 'Race, migration, and normative political theory: implicit racialization in the open borders debate' - paper presented at Political Theory Research Group, University of Edinburgh

2020 - 'From the standpoint of [intersectional] justice' - presentation to Oslo-Edinburgh Joint PIR PhD Workshop

2019 - 'Theorising Disability from Margin to Centre' - paper presented at Political Theory Research Group, University of Edinburgh

2019 - ‘Decolonising Research and Feminist Friendships: A Conversation Across Boundaries’ - paper presented with Kamya Choudhary and Marta Kowalewska at Decolonising Feminist Knowledge: Reflections on Research and Curriculum

2019 - 'The Ableist Republic' - paper presented at Political Theory Research Group, University of Edinburgh

Working Papers

Bringing the F Back to Political Science Research (with Sarah Liu)

Teaching and Lecturing

2020, 2019 - Political Thinkers - Tutor

2019, 2021 - Gender, Marginality and Social Change - Lecturer (with Sarah Golightley), Feminism and Disability in Global Contexts

Other Outputs

2020 - 'Feminist Struggles in the Academy in India and the UK' - web/print comic, co-edited with Kamya Choudhary and Radhika Govinda

Community and Representation

2020-present - UCU Edinburgh Postgrad/Postdoc Officer

2019-present - UCU Edinburgh Local Contact (SPS PGR)

2016-2019 - Politics and IR Postgraduate Class Representative

Research interests

Research interests

Critical Social and Political Theory, Political Philosophy, Methodology in political theory, Critical epistemologies, politics of knowledge production, Decolonisation, Intersectionality

My doctoral research project is a methodological critique of contemporary normative political theory. It adopts an intersectional methodology in order to render apparent the depoliticising tendencies of the analytical tradition. I argue that its failure to theorise adequately the complexities and nuances of multiple, interrelated and simultaneous structural axes of power on subjectification and knowledge production render analytical theory politically inert, foreclosing avenues for transformative political action. Political theorising must be sensitive to the ways in which intersecting axes of power shape our understandings of ourselvesour identities and our structural positionalities and the political world.