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Clayton Boeyink

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Research interests

Refugees and displacement, refugee camps, livelihoods, Cash Transfers, Healthcare, displaced Somalis, displaced Congolese, displaced Burundians, self-reliance, food aid, brokerage, Urban Refugees, invisibility, Tanzania, Kenya

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My recently completed PhD research explores the shrinking space of asylum in Tanzania. This is situated in a longer history of containment and manipulation of people movements by the state since the colonial era. The research centres around a series of shutdowns of markets and humanitarian interventions by the Tanzanian state, which are designed to assault camp self-reliance to impel refugees to return to their countries of origin. This work explores ‘from below’ how the shutdowns affect the livelihoods of refugees and their perceptions of the Tanzanian state. Despite the severe constraints of encampment, refugees enact agency by circumventing the state and co-opting humanitarian structures to establish livelihoods. These actions include illegally leaving the containment of the camp to work or rent land from Tanzanians living nearby and selling food rations to brokers who move large quantities of food to major cities in Tanzania and across East Africa.

Recently, I began as a Research Fellow funded by Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) based at the University of Edinburgh, which aims to improve healthcare at the intersection of gender and protracted displacement amongst Somali and Congolese refugees and IDPs in Somalia, Eastern DRC, Nairobi, and Johannesburg.