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Coree Brown Swan

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Teaching Fellow; Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre on Constitutional Change


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St John's Land

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Coree Brown Swan is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre on Constitutional Change at the University of Edinburgh. Coree completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2018 with a PhD entitled The Art of the possible: framing self-government in Scotland and Flanders. Her PhD was supervised by Professor Nicola McEwen and Dr. Wilfried Swenden. Coree previously worked as a research assistant at the Future of the United Kingdom and Scotland and convenes the Territorial Politics Research Group.

Coree’s research interests include sub-state nationalist politics and political parties in Scotland and Flanders, intergovernmental relations, and qualitative research methods.

She convenes the honours-level course Political Parties in the 21st Century and the College of Open Learning course Scottish Politics.  She has also tutored on undergraduate and MSc courses within the School of Social and Political Science, including Comparative Politics in a Globalised World, Scotland: Society and Politics, Politics in a Changing World, Research Design, and Analysing Qualitative Data. Coree is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


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C. Brown Swan and N. McEwen. Forthcoming. ‘Self-Government and Interdependence in the Scottish National Movement’ in A. Lecours (ed) Constitutional Politics in Multinational Democracies.

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C. Brown Swan. 2015. Book Review: Visions of sovereignty: nationalism and accommodation in multinational democracies. Regional & Federal Studies

Research interests

Research interests

Nationalism, Scotland, Flanders, Scottish Independence Referendum, Brexit, intergovernmental relations