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Senior Lecturer in Social Policy


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I am the Postgraduate Advisor (PGA) for Social Policy and GHPU


MA (Edin) PhD (EUI Florence)

Biographical Statement

I joined the School of Social and Political Science in 2007, having previously held research and teaching positions at the University of Stirling, the University of Oxford and Sciences Po in Paris.

My principal research area is comparative social and labour market policy. I am particularly interested in the socio-political and institutional dynamics of the development and reform of benefits, regulations and servcies for people experiencing labour market risks such as unemployment, precarious work and low pay across European countries. I have also worked on methodological challenges in the comparative analysis of social and labour market policies. My empirical work is primarily qualitative and historical in nature, and much of it has focused on the French case in comparative perspective.

I was a member of the executive committee of the Network of Excellence 'Reconciling Work and Welfare' (RECWOWE) (2006-2011), funded under the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme. I more recently directed part of a 3 year (2012-2015) research project entitled 'Combating Poverty in Europe: Re-organising Active Inclusion through Participatory and Integrated Forms of Multilevel Governance' (COPE), financed by the European Community's 7th Framework Programme. I have also participated in research projects financed by UK ESRC and the Research Mission of the French Ministry of Social Affairs. I was a member of the board of ESPAnet (European Social Policy Analysis Network) between 2012 and 2018.

External positions held

Series Co-Editor, Work and Welfare in Europe (Palgrave Macmillan)

Member of the Scientific Council of the French Public Employment Service, Pôle Emploi

Editorial Board Member, Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy

PhD students


Bianca Luna Fabris: The left and labour market policy in Conservative welfare states

Larissa Nenning: The moral economy of part-time work and welfare states

Ewan Robertson: The politics of supplementing wages (ESRC funded)

Vicente Silva: The future of work and global labour governance

Nutrawee Sungthanu: Business engagement in social policy: A case study of Thailand


Alessio Bertolini: The well-being of disadvantaged workers in Italy and the UK (ESRC funded)

Ying Cui: Media representation of social issues in China

Alexander Goerne: Labour market policies in the UK and Germany

Dan Heap: Working-age benefits, activation and non-employment in comparative perspective (ESRC-CASE funded)

Rodrigo Lozado: Effectiveness of Alternative Conditional Cash Transfer Designs

Elize Massard da Fonseca: Politics of Pharmaceutical Regulation in Brazil (School of Social and Political Science funded)

Jochen Meyer: Scientific Knowledge and Unemployment Policy

Sarah Weakley: Neighbourhood Impacts on Youth Transitions in the UK and the USA (University of Edinburgh PCDS funded)


Journal articles

Comparative social policy analysis and active labour market policy: Putting quality before quantity, Journal of Social Policy, 45(1), 2016, 21-38 (with Jochen Clasen and Alexander Goerne)

The demise of tax credits, Political Quarterly, 86(4), 2015, 493-499

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Journal special issues/themed sections

Reforming Minimim Income Protection in Europe, themed section in Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 30(2), 2014

Book Chapters

‘Migrants’ access to social protection in the UK’, in Lafleur, J-M. and Ventila, D. (eds.) Migration and Social Protection in Europe and Beyond: Comparing Access to Welfare Entitlements (volume 1), Springer Open Access, IMISCOE Research Series, forthcoming (with Alessio Bertolini)

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Other Publications

Welfare: The proposed restrictions to benefits for migrants and the referendum debate, in Jeffery, C. and Perman, R. (eds.) Britain's Decision: Facts and Impartial Analysis for the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016, The David Hume Institute/Centre on Constitutional Change/The Hunter Foundation, pp. 100-104

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European labour market policies in (the) crisis, ETUI Working Paper 2012.12 (with Jochen Clasen and Jon Kvist)

Between sectionalism and revitalisation: Trade unions and Activation Policies in Europe (with Paolo Graziano and Christa van Wijnbergen), RECWOWE Working Paper REC-WP 07/2010

Research interests

Research interests

Unemployment, comparative social policy, welfare reform, welfare systems, Labour Market, European social policy, social security, Comparative Political Economy, French political economy, French politics

Topics interested in supervising

I am able to offer supervision on a wide range of topics in social and public policy and political economy, particularly in comparative and international perspective. I especially welcome enquiries about supervision of research on aspects of unemployment and labour market policy and the politics of welfare reform in rich democracies.

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