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David S. Ingram

Job Title

Honorary and visiting staff


David Ingram is a plant scientist, currently: Honorary Professor, Edinburgh and Lancaster Universities; Visiting Professor, Glyndwr University; Hon. Fellow, St Catharine’s and Downing Colleges, Cambridge, Worcester College, Oxford, Myerscough (land-based industries) College, Preston, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Ruskin Foundation; Fellow, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh; Honorary Member, British Society for Plant Pathology; Companion, Guild of St George.

He studied Botany (BSc) and Plant Pathology (PhD) at Hull University (from 1960). He then taught and carried out research in Botany, Plant Pathology and Biotechnology in the Universities of Glasgow (from 1966) and Cambridge (from1968; ARC Senior Scientific Officer, then University Lecturer and finally University Reader). In Cambrige he was also a Fellow of Downing College and acted, variously, as Director of Studies in Biology, Dean and Tutor for Graduate Students. He was awarded a Doctor of Science degree (ScD) by the University of Cambridge in 1986. He became Regius Keeper (Director) of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh in 1990 and concurrently, Honorary Professor in Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities and RHS Professor of Horticulture.  He was then Master of St Catharines’s College, Cambridge from 2000-2006 and Chair of the Colleges’ Committee and the Colleges’ representative on the Council of Senate. Other recent roles have included: Chair of the Darwin Initiative for Survival of Species; Founder Chair of Science and Plants for Schools; Chair of the University of Edinburgh Committee on Public engagement with Science, Engineering and Technology (PUSET); Deputy Chair of the UK Joint Nature Conservation Committee; Board Member of Scottish Natural Heritage; and Advisory Board Member, ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, Edinburgh.

Current scholarship (since 2006) includes: botany and horticulture in 19th century art (with the Bowes Museum, Lancaster Environment Centre and Ruskin Library, Lancaster University, The Ruskin Foundation/Brantwood Trust and Lakeland Arts Trust); horticultural science education (with the RHS and Myerscough College); and social policy and plant science (with the Dept. of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, Edinburgh University and Lancaster University Environment Centre). He is also an Editor of the international journal Food Security.

He has been appointed OBE and holds the Victoria Medal of Honour, the highest award of the Royal Horticultural Society; he is a Doctor of Science of Cambridge University and Hon. Doctor of the Open University; and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, Chartered Institute of Horticulture and Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Outputs (1965-2006)

[Between 1965 and 2005 a large number of Books, Research Papers and Lectures were published/given on topics in the following subject areas: plant pathology; botany; biotechnology; conservation of biodiversity and public engagement with science].

Outputs (2006-present)

1. Books

Ingram, D.S. & Wildman, S. (in preparation for 2017). John Ruskin’s Flora of Chamouni, 1844 – a facsimile edition with commentary and notes. Pallas Athene.

Ingram, D. S., Vince-Prue, D. & Gregory, P. (in press for publication early in 2016Science and the Garden, 3rd  (revised and rewritten) Edition. Wiley/Blackwell, Oxford & The Royal Horticultural Society, London.

Ingram, D. S. (2014The Gardens at Brantwood – evolution of John Ruskin’s Lakeland paradise. Pallas Athene & The Brantwood Trust.

Ingram, D. S., Vince-Prue, D. & Gregory, P. (2008Science and the Garden, 2nd  (revised and rewritten) Edition. Blackwell and the Royal Horticultural Society, Oxford and London.

2. Editorship since 2006

Ingram, D. S. (2009 – present). Food Security: Member of Advisory and Editorial Boards and Book Reviews Editor.

3. Booklet: Museum/Gallery Interpretation Tool

Ingram, D.S. (2012The Flora of Blackwell (an Interpretation tool relating to the internal botanical decoration of ‘Blackwell’: the Arts and Crafts House, Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria). The Lakeland Arts Trust, Bowness-on-Windermere.

4. Papers in journals

Ingram, D.S. (in preparation for 2016). John Ruskin’s Annotations in Recently Discovered Sets of Volumes of Two Major 19th Century British Floras and the Re-classification and Cross-referencing of the Species Described and Illustrated Therein. For Ruskin Review and Bulletin.

Ingram, D.S. (2014). Wild Gardens: the Robinson, Ruskin and Severn correspondence. Ruskin Review and Bulletin 10, 30-44.

Ingram, D.S., Bisgrove, R. J & Willsdon, C.P. (2013). The Call of the Wild – wild flowers in gardens and art: the Broadway connection. Ruskin Review and Bulletin 9, 42 – 51.

Coutts, H & Ingram, D.S. (2012).  Emile Gallé’s verre d’eau at the Bowes Museum – a detailed study of the motifs. Journal of the Decorative Arts Society36, 83-97.

Ingram, D.S. (2012). Victoria Crowe: Plant Memory in a Wider Landscape. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh 42, 378-379.

Coutts, H. & Ingram, D. S. (2011). A Sevres Vase ‘de Blois’ in the University of London. The French Porcelain Society Journal 4, 227-242.

Frow, E., Ingram, D. S., Powell, W., Steer, D., Vogel, J. & Yearley, S. (2009). The Politics of Plants. Food Security 1, 17-23.

5. Published Exhibition catalogues

Ingram, D.S. & Roberts, Rachel, (in preparation for October 2016). Annie Garnett: Her Gardens and Designs. For publication by the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industries (Lakeland Arts Trust).

Ingram, D. S. & Wildman, S. (2011). Ruskin’s Flora: The Botanical Drawings of John Ruskin. Published by The Ruskin Library and Research Centre, Lancaster University, Lancaster. [Note Research material on which the above exhibition is based is available on the website of the Ruskin Library and Research Centre, University of Lancaster.]

House, E. & Ingram, D. S. (2011). Painting Flowers: Fantin-Latour and the Impressionists,Catalogue/Commentary for an exhibition of the paintings of Henri Fantin-Latour, the Bowes Museum, Co Durham. Published by the Bowes Museum, Co Durham.

Coutts, H., assisted by Ingram, D. S. (2008). Emile Galle and the Origins of Art Nouveau. a Catalogue/Commentary for an exhibition of glass, ceramics and furniture by Emile Galle, the Bowes Museum, Co Durham. Published by the Bowes Museum, Co Durham.

Crowe, V. & Ingram, D. S. (2007). Plant Memory. A commentary/catalogue of an exhibition of the plant-inspired paintings of Victoria Crowe at The Royal Scottish Academy, 6th October – 4th November, 2007. Published by the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

6. Exhibitions Co-curated

Ingram, D.S. & Roberts, Rachel (in preparation for October2016). Annie Garnett: Her Garden and Fabric Designs. The Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry (Lakeland Arts Trust).

Ingram, D.S. & Wildman, S. (2011Ruskin’s Flora: The Botanical Drawings of John Ruskin.  The Ruskin Library, Lancaster University.

House, E. & Ingram, D.S. (2011). Painting Flowers: Henri Fantin-Latour and the Impressionists. The Bowes Museum, Co. Durham.

Coutts, H., assisted by Ingram, D.S. (2008). Emile Galle and the Origins of Art Nouveau. The Bowes Museum, Co. Durham.

7. Book Reviews

Ingram, D.S. (2014). Review of Arnold van Huis, Henk van Gurp and Marcel Dicke:The Insect Cookbook - Food for a sustainable planet, Columbia University Press, 2014. Food Security, in press.

Ingram, D.S. (2014). Review of Michael H. Tunick: The Science of Cheese, OUP, 2014. Food Security, in press.

Ingram, D.S. (2014). Review of three books by Nelson, C. et al on Climate Change and Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa IFPRI (2013). Food Security 6, 147-149.

Ingram, D.S. (2013). Review of Jackson, p. et al (2013) Food words – essays in culinary culture. Bloomsbury Academic. Food Security 5, 899-900.

Ingram, D.S. (2013). Books in Brief (Reviews of: Brooks, J. Agricultural Policies for Poverty Reduction, OECD (2012); Aweto, A.O. Shifting Cultivation and Secondary succession in the Tropics, CABI (2013); Van Alfen et al, Annual Reviews of Phytopathology, Vol. 50 (2012); Aitken, A. Harvesting the Sun – A Profile of world Horticulture, ISHS (2012); Bloch-Dano, E. Vegetable, University of Chicago Presss (2012). Food Security 5, 479-481.

Ingram, D.S. (2012) Review of Annual Review of Phytopathology Vol 49, ed by N.K. Van Alfen, G. Bruening and J. E. Leach; Food Security4, 329-330.

Ingram, D. S. (2011) Review Books and Booklets in Brief  (Reviews of: John Andrews, And One Hand on the Bench, University of Wisconsin; Oliver Oliveros and many collaboratorsDURAS Project: Innovative partnerships for sustainable development (Number 11 of Les Dossiersd’Agropolis International) Agropolis International, Montpelier, France; Paul Richards, A Green Revolution From Below?; Wageningen University; Song Yiching and Ronnie Vernoy (eds), Seeds and Synergies – Innovating Rural Development in China Practical Action Publishing, U.K. and The International Development Research Centre, Ottowa, Canada; P. Smith, A. Edwards, M. Cowling & E. Gillespie (eds), Proceedings of the International Symposium, Scottish Aquaculture: a Sustainable Future (a special issue of Aquaculture Research, 42, number S1, 2011, eds. Hardy, R. W., Ross, L. G., Shiau,  S.-Y. & Verdegem, M. Wiley-Blackwell), Food Security, 3, 521-522.

Ingram, D. S. (2011). Review of Plant Pathology in the 21st Century by M. Lodovica et alFood Security 3, 273 – 275.

Ingram, D. S. (2010). Review of Seeds, Sex and Civilization by Peter Thompson. The Garden, December 2010.

Ingram, D. S. (2010). Review of Hybrid by Noel Kingsbury. The Garden, May 2010, pp. 373.

Ingram, D. S. (2008). Review of Fruit – edible, inedible, incredible by Wolfgang Stuppy & Rob Kesseler. The Garden, 2008.

Ingram, D. S. (2007). Review of The Triumph of the Fungi by N. P. Money, The Garden, May 2007.

8. Public Lectures and Conferences, etc.

Ingram, D.S. (for December 2016). All Silk and Flame: John Ruskin and Wild Flora. Florilegium Society, Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

Ingram, D.S. (for December 2015). Brantwood – evolution of John Ruskin's Lakeland paradise. Friends of St Andrews Botanic Garden.

Ingram, D.S. (for November 2015). Ruskin’s Annotations to and Re-arrangement of Recently Discovered Sets of Volumes of Two Major 19th Century British Floras – work in progress. Ruskin Library and Research Centre, Lancaster University.

Ingram, D.S. (September 2015). Rosy Wealth of June: the flower paintings of Henri Fantin-Latour. St Andrews Botanic Garden, Friends’ Study Day.

Ingram, D.S. (April 2015). Rosy Wealth of June: the flower paintings of Henri Fantin-Latour. Garden History Society anniversary meeting, Linnean Society, London.

Ingram, D.S. (April 2015). Interpretative Walking Tour – The Flora of Blackwell (Lakeland Arts Trust), The Art Fund, Cumbria.

Ingram, D.S. (October 2014). John Ruskin and Wild Flora. 10th Anniversary Lecture, Institute for analytical Plant Illustration. Nature in Art Gallery.

Ingram, D.S. (October 2013). Ruskins Flora. Friends' Study Day, Brantwood, Coniston (Ruskin Foundation).

Ingram, D.S. (June 2014), Brantwood - John Ruskin's Lakeland Paradise. The Garden Literary Festival (Garden Museum), Petworth House.

Ingram, D.S. (May 2014John Ruskin and Wild Flora – the Lancaster drawings and Brantwood gardens. The Yorkshire Philosophical Society & The Yorkshire Garden History Society annual joint lecture.

Ingram, D.S. (May 2014Interpretative Walking Tour – The Flora of Blackwell (the Cambridge Society).

Ingram, D.S. (12 March 2014) Two Interpretative Walking Tours – The Flora of Blackwell, The Lakeland Arts Trust for Friends and Japanese Tour Guides.

Ingram, D.S. (20 February 2014All Silk and Flame – John Ruskin and Wild Flora. Lancaster university Ruskin Seminar Series (Ruskin Library and Faculty of English).

Ingram, D.S. (4 November 2014John Ruskin and Wild Flora. University of Edinburgh Science, Technology and innovation Studies Seminar Series.

Ingram, D.S. (12 September 2013). Interpretative Walking Tour – The Flora of Blackwell, for Curators and Keepers, Lakeland Arts Trust

Ingram, D.S. (June 2013). A Meadow for All Seasons and John Ruskin and Wildness, Ruskin Foundation, Brantwood, Coniston, Cumbria.

Ingram, D.S. (1 March 2013Interpretative Walking Tour – The Flora of Blsackwell for general public, Lakeland Arts Trust.

Ingram, D.S. (21 February 2013). John Ruskin and Wild Flora – the Lancaster Drawings and Brantwood Gardens. Glasgow University History of Art Seminar Series.

Ingram, D.S. (15th November 2012). OECD/ESRC Genomics Network Global Forum on Biotechnology: Chair, Plenary V, Emerging Pathogens in the Environment. 

Ingram, D.S. (3rd October 2012). Interpretative Walking Tour: The Flora of Blackwell. At Blackwell, The Arts and Crafts House, Bowness on Windermere, The Lakeland Arts Trust.

Ingram, D.S. (10th June 2012). All Silk and Flame: John Ruskin and Wild Flora, The Broadway Arts Festival, Broadway, Worcestershire.

Ingram, D.S. (12th June 2012Gardens in Science and Art. St Andrews Botanic Garden, annual Friends’ Lecture.

Ingram, D. S. (13th October and 12th November, 2011.). Interpretative Walking Tours: Ruskin’s Flora. At the Ruskin Library and Research Centre Gallery, University of Lancaster.

Ingram, D. S. (23rd June, 11th August & 15th November, 2011). Walking Tours: The Flora of Blackwell. At Blackwell, The Arts and Crafts House, Bowness-on-Windermere, The Lakeland Arts Trust. 23rd June, 11th August and 15th November, 2011.

Ingram, D.S. & Coutts, H. (2011). Art Nouveau: the garden invades the art. The Royal Society of Edinburgh/Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfies and Galloway, 25th June, 2011.

Ingram, D. S. (2011). Through a Botanist’s Eyes: TheFlower Paintings of Henri Fantin-Latour. The Bowes Museum, 7th June, 2011.

Ingram, D.S. (2011). Fantin-Latour: Floer Painter Exraordinaire, Lochinch Castle, Stranrear, 29th May 2011.

Crowe, V. & Ingram, D. S. (2007). Plant Memory, the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

8. Conferences Organised

Ingram, D.S. (2012). The Call of the Wild: Wild Flowers in Gardens and Art, The Broadway Connection. A one day conference at the Broadway Arts Festival, Broadway, Worcestershire.

Ingram, D. S. (2011). Ruskin’s Flora, one day Conference, the Ruskin Library and Research Centre and Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, 12th November 2011.

Ingram, D. S. (2011). Gardens in Science and Art, one day Conference organised and chaired for the Royal Society of Edinburgh at Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfries and Galloway, 25th June 2011.

9. Reports

Ingram, D. S. (2008)Non-native Diseases and the Future of UK Gardens: a Report by a Royal Horticultural Society Working Group on the disease and pest risk to the UK associated with international plant trade (Chaired by D. S. Ingram). Published on-line at Rep.

Ingram, D. S. (2010) Review of the Biological Collections of Lancaster University: a Report of an ad hoc external review group (Chaired by D. S. Ingram). Lancaster University.