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Dr Davide Vampa

Job Title

Senior Lecturer in Territorial Politics

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Research interests

Research interests

Comparative research on the following themes:

Territorial politics and public policy (including local and regional levels)

Multi-level party politics (elections, programmes, organisations)

Populism (right-wing and left-wing)

Social Democracy 


Davide joined PIR in 2024. He is Senior Lecturer in Territorial Politics and co-director of the Centre on Constitutional Change. 

He completed his doctorate in Political Science at the European University Institute in 2015. Additionally, he holds an MPhil in European Politics and Society from Oxford (2011), an MA in European Studies from King's College London (2009), and a BA in History from the University of Milan (2007).

Before joining PIR, Davide worked at various UK universities, including LSE, SOAS, the University of Nottingham, De Montfort University, and Aston University.

His work focuses on territorial politics and public policy, transformations in democratic representation, the rise of populism, and the crisis of social democracy. Davide has authored three books and co-edited one. His articles have been published in a wide range of international journals, including Government and Opposition, Party Politics, Journal of Public Policy, Journal of Social Policy, Territory Policy and Governance, Local Government Studies, Regional & Federal Studies, Publius, Representation, Journal of Contemporary European Studies and Political Research Exchange

Publications by user content

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