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Eve Mullins

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Lecturer in Social Work


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Research interests

Social work profession, sexual offending, effective practice skills, social constructionism



Dr Steve Kirkwood


Economic and Social Research Council Studentship (1+3) 


2008 - 2010 Masters of Social Work. University of Edinburgh, Scotland                               Dissertation topic: Deprived or Depraved?’: The Social Construction of Childhood and the age of Criminal Responsibility in Scotland. Contributions of Social Work.

2000 - 2003 BA Psychology. University College Dublin,
Dissertation topic: The stability of the verbal overshadowing effect and the consequent implications.

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Mullins E, Kirkwood S. Co-authoring desistance narratives: Analysing interactions in groupwork for addressing sexual offending. Criminology and Criminal Justice. 2021 Jul 1;21(3):316-333.
McCulloch T, Cree VE, Kirkwood S, Mullins E. ‘Within my work environment I don’t see gender as an issue’: Reflections on gender from a study of criminal justice social workers in Scotland. Probation Journal. 2021 Mar 1;68(1):8-27.
Mullins E, Kirkwood S. Dams, barriers and beating yourself up: Shame in groupwork for addressing sexual offending. Journal of Social Work Practice. 2019 Dec;33(4):369-384.
Christie H, Cree V, Mullins E, Tett E. University opened up so many doors for me: The personal and professional development of graduates from non-traditional backgrounds. Studies in Higher Education. 2018 Nov 2;43(11):1938-1948.
Tett L, Cree VE, Mullins E, Christie H. Narratives of care amongst undergraduate students. Pastoral Care in Education. 2017;35(3):166–178.