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Fabio Battaglia

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PhD title: To GDP or not to GDP? Identifying the factors promoting and inhibiting the use and impact of well-being metrics in Scotland and Italy

Fabio Battaglia

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Research interests

Research interests

Quality of Life, Well-being, Economic Growth and Quality of Life, The Politics and Philosophy of Wellbeing, Democracy and Social Indicators, The Philosophy of Taxation, The Philosophy of Citizenship and Statehood


I am a fifth-year Social Policy PhD student from Rome, Italy working on the politics of well-being under the supervision of Elke Heins and Neil Thin. I was the PGR Representative of all PhD students at the University of Edinburgh between 2017 and 2020, and the SGSSS/DTP Students' Representative between 2018 and 2020. I can speak English, Italian, Spanish and I can manage to have small talks in French and Swedish as well (trying to learn German and Arabic also!). I play the drums and I am a member of The Holyrooders, a Scottish meditative rock band.

Reports and Conference Papers

  • The Growth Paradigm and the Italian Left: Still Together, After All (with Fifi, G.). Paper presented at the 19th ISQOLS Conference on Quality of Life in August 2021.

  • Safety Perception Indicators and Media Coverage of Crime: Merging or Diverging? (with Tinto, A. and Savioli, M.). Paper presented at the 19th ISQOLS Conference on Quality of Life in August 2021.

  • Measuring the uptake of measures of progress and well-being in Scottish and Italian media outlets. Paper presented at the 17th ISQOLS Annual Meeting.

  • ‘Valore della natura per il benessere’ (tr. The importance of nature for human well-being) in Benessere e natura: città verdi a misura di bambino edited by AIQUAV and WWF Italy.

  • Whose Well-Being? On The Right To Define Well-Being. Paper presented at the 16th ISQOLS Annual Meeting.

  • A Comparative Sentiment Analysis of Internet Users’ Interests in Quality of Life and Economic Growth (with E. Plata and G. Stefanini). Paper presented at the IV AIQUAV Conference.

  • The Importance of Social Indicators For Democracy and The Importance of Democracy For Social Indicators. Paper presented at the IV AIQUAV Conference.


  • Laurent, É., et al., 2021. Toward Health-Environment Policy: Beyond the Rome Declaration. Global Environmental Change, 72, pp. 1-3.

  • Laurent, É., et al., 2021. ‘Toward Health-Environment Policy in a Wellbeing Economy’ in (ed.) Laurent, É., The Well-being Transition: Analysis and Policy, pp. 73-93. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Battaglia, F., 2019. ‘Report on Faith-Based Organisations and Civic Engagement in Europe’ in (ed.) Strachwitz, R. G., Religious Communities and Civil Society in Europe, pp. 247–310. Berlin: De Gruyter.

  • Battaglia, F., 2018. ‘Valore della natura per il benessere’ in (eds.) Bologna, G. and Quadrelli, M. A., Benessere e natura: città verdi a misura di bambino, pp. 16-19. Rome: WWF Italia.

  • Battaglia, F., 2014. Non c’è la biglietteria (self-publication about “beyond GDP” politics in Italy, finalist for the Keywords Contest organised by the Italian magazine L’Espresso).


  • Senior Tutor on Rethinking the Financial Crisis (2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-2021)

  • Tutor on Happiness: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (2020-2021, 2021-2022); Global and International Social Policy (2021-2022); Political Issues in Public Policy (2021-2022).

Other Relevant Work Experience

  • Research Intern for the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (2019)

  • Research Assistant for d|part (2018)

  • Online Teaching Assistant on a Social Wellbeing course on FutureLearn (2018)

Prizes and Awards

  • First Place Prize and Joint People’s Choice Award (School Heats), People’s Choice Award (College Heats) - 3MinuteThesis Competition, 2018-19, The University of Edinburgh.


  • To GDP or not to GDP? @ 50th Anniversary Conference of the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers (October 2020).

  • To GDP or not to GDP? @ Edinburgh University International Development Association (February 2020).

  • To GDP or not to GDP? @ Scottish Economics Conference (February 2019).

  • Scotland: Happier or Richer? @ Explorathon (September 2018).

  • To GDP or not to GDP? @ TEDxUniversity of Edinburgh Student Speaker Choice Awards 2017 (November 2017).


MSc in EU Politics, London School of Economics and Political Science
BSc in Political Science and International Relations, LUISS Guido Carli University

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