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Faye Wade

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ClimateXChange Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Energy Efficient Scotland evaluation


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Chisholm House

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PhD, Energy and Human Dimensions, UCL

MRes, Energy Demand Studies, UCL

MChem, Chemistry with a Year in Industry, University of York

Recent Publications

Wade F, 2020. Routinised heating system installation: the immutability of home heating. Energy Efficiency, (online).

Wade F, Bush R & Webb J, 2020. Emerging linked ecologies for a national scale retrofitting programme: the role of local authorities and delivery partners. Energy Policy, 137 (online)

Oswald D, Wade F, Sherratt F & Smith S, 2019. Communicating health and safety on a multinational construction project: challenges and strategies. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 145(4): 04019017-1-11.

Wade F, Murtagh N, Hitchings R, 2017. Managing professional jurisdiction and domestic energy use. Building Research & Information, 46(1). pp.42-53.

Wade F, Shipworth M & Hitchings R, 2017. How installers select and explain domestic heating controls. Building Research & Information, 45(4), pp.371-383.

Wade F, Hitchings R & Shipworth M,  2016. Understanding the missing middlemen of domestic heating: installers as a community of professional practice in the United Kingdom. Energy Research & Social Science, 19, pp. 39-47.

Wade F, Shipworth M & Hitchings R, 2016. Influencing the central heating technologies installed in homes: the role of social capital in supply chain networks. Energy Policy, 95, pp.52-60.

Peer reviewed conference papers

Wade F & Webb J, 2020. Local authority capacity for area-based building retrofit and heat decarbonisation: Scotland's Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies. Sustainability in Energy and Buildings Conference 2020. Split, Croatia.

Wade F & Webb J, 2020. Local authorities' use of procurement frameworks and trusted trader lists for building energy retrofit. ARCOM Conference 2020. Glasgow, UK.

Myers H, Wade F & Webb J, 2019. Mapping Emerging Subcontracting Networks for the Energy Efficiency Retrofit of Hard-to-Treat Buildings In: Gorse, C and Neilson, C J (Eds.)Proceedings of the 35th Annual ARCOM Conference, 2-4 September 2019, Leeds, UK, Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 852-861.

Conway, Z, Wade, F and Smith, S D, 2018. A Participant Observation Study of Gender Dynamics on Construction Sites In: Gorse, C and Neilson, C J (Eds) Proceeding of the 34th Annual ARCOM Conference, 3-5 September 2018, Belfast, UK, Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 291-300.

Industry and policy reports

Wade F, Webb J, 2020. LHEES Phase 2 Pilots: Evaluation Report. Report to Scottish Government.

Wade F, Webb J & Creamer E, 2020. Energy Efficient Scotland Phase 2 Pilots: Final Social Evaluation Report. Report to Scottish Government.

Wade F, Webb J, Creamer E, 2019. Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies: Phase 1 Pilots. Social Evaluation Report Report to Scottish Government.

Wade F, Webb J, McCrone D & Wakelin J, 2019. Evaluation of HES Homecare pilot. Report to Scottish Government evaluating Home Energy Scotland pilot energy advice scheme.

Wade F & Kamwendo T, 2018. Supporting the roll-out of Viewpoint and Fieldview across Galliford Try.

Wilson J & Wade F, 2014. Engaging private landlords in energy efficiency. Future of London and EDF Energy.

Agnolucci P, Ekins P, Simpson K & Wade F, 2012. Fuel poverty: evidence from an inner London borough. A report for the Chesshire Lehmann Fund.



Science and Society 1a (STIS08004)

Energy Policy & Sustainability (STIS10008)

Investigating Energy Consumption & Policy (Undergraduate - STIS10011)

Research interests

Research interests

Climate change and energy policy,Heat,Domestic energy,Building professionals,Technology and society

I am an interdisciplinary energy researcher, applying a range of techniques as appropriate to understand the public and private sector organisations and individuals responsible for delivering transformation in our energy system. Together with Prof. Jan Webb, I am currently working on a social evaluation of the Energy Efficient Scotland programme; the Scottish Government's cornerstone strategy for reducing energy consumption and decarbonising heat in the built environment. This project involves interviewing members of local authorities across Scotland; conducting a social survey with building occupants; and working closely with policy makers. This is a collaboration with the Energy Saving Trust, who are managing a package of technical monitoring for the properties receiving interventions under the scheme.

My previous work has included an ethnographic investigation of how, through their work, heating engineers can shape the central heating technologies installed in homes and how they come to be used, and the application of qualitative approaches to better understand the changing nature of construction work with the introduction of new technologies.

I am a member of the Heat and the City team, and the Energy and Society Research Group which brings together energy research in sociology, geosciences, science, technology and innovation studies (STIS), social anthropology and political science. I am part of Construction Edinburgh, which facilitates collaboration between academics and organisations to tackle the intellectual and practical challenges posed by industry and government. I am also an Associate Editor on the international journal Buildings & Cities.

Topics interested in supervising

I am interested in supervising Master's dissertations and PhDs on the topics of energy and society; building and construction professionals; energy in the built environment; ethnography; qualitative research.

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