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Dr Gëzim Krasniqi

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Lecturer in Nationalism and Political Sociology; Programme Co-Director, MSc Nationalism in Global Perspective

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Chrystal Macmillan Building

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15a George Square

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Research interests

Research interests

  • Political sociology
  • Nationalism and national identity
  • Citizenship
  • Ethnic conflict
  • State-building and democratisation
  • Contested states
  • Southeast Europe/Balkans/Kosovo politics

My research interests lie broadly in political sociology. My more particular interests lie in the sociology of nationalism. I have been concerned with the role of intra-group power competition in shaping nationalist movements' demands and ideological outlook. My research on post-Yugoslav states focuses on the relations between citizenship and various manifestations of diversity, including, but not exclusively, ethnicity. More recent projects involve the study of old and new state-nation configurations in South-East Europe and citizenship in contested/liminal polities.

I am member of the Steering Committee of ASEN (The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism) and convenor of ASEN Edinburgh branch. ASEN Edinburgh organise local activity to advance the study of ethnicity and nationalism.

Also, I am Associate Editor of Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power journal.

Topics interested in supervising

I would be happy to supervise students working on Nationalism, Nationalist Movements, Ethnic Conflict, Citizenship, Identity, State-Building, Contested States, South East Europe/Balkans, among others. 

Current PhD supervision include:

  • Romani women’s activism in East-Central Europe (Marta Kowalewska)
  • Three times Italians: transmission of memory and reproduction of identity among the Italians from Istria and Dalmatia (Lorenzo Canepari)
  • The production of digital identities: Exploring the shifting assemblage of actors in border-related identification practices (Isadora Dullaert)
  • Narrating the nation: museums in divided societies (Andi Haxhiu)
  • Being Chinese online: discursive (re)production of internet-mediated Chinese national identity (Zhiwei Wang)
  • Micro-level reproduction of nationalism and the role of socio-economic factors (Onur Isci)

If you are interested in being supervised by Gëzim Krasniqi, please see the links below (opening in new windows) for more information:



  • PhD (University of Edinburgh)
  • MA (Central European University)
  • MA (University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna)
  • BA (University of Prishtina)

Nationalism Studies Programme

I am Programme Co-Director for the MSc Nationalism in Global Perspective.

Details of our Masters courses which I co-organise can be found by clicking on the links below:

  • Comparing Nationalisms (PGSP11580)
  • Ethnopolitical Conflict (SCIL11036)

I am also course organiser for the following Honours course:

  • Globalization (SCIL10067)

Selected publications


Albanian Nationalism(s) and Power Struggles in Kosovo: The Rise of a Polycentric Nation. Palgrave Macmillan, Forthcoming.

with Dejan Stjepanovic, Uneven Citizenship: Minorities and Migrants in the Post-Yugoslav Space (edited volume), London, Routledge, 2015.

Articles/Chapters/Working Papers:

co-authored with Cvete Koneska and Adnan Huskić, 'Macedonia, Bosnia and Kosovo: Contested Statehood and the EU', (2022) Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding. 

'Kosovo: A Great Powers’ European and Balkan Projection', in A New Eastern Question? Great Powers and the Post-Yugoslav States, edited by Soeren Keil and Bernhard Stahl (Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag, 2022). 319-418.

‘New passport or new identity/category/hierarchy?’, (2022) in Mobility without membership : do we need special passports for vulnerable groups?, edited by Jelena Dzankic, and Rainer Bauböck, EUI RSC2022/01Global Governance Programme-459GLOBALCIT.

Report on citizenship law : Kosovo, [Global Governance Programme], GLOBALCIT, Country Report, 2021/4, [Global Citizenship].

Report on citizenship law : Albania, [Global Governance Programme], GLOBALCIT, Country Report, 2021/5, [Global Citizenship].

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'Contested territories, liminal polities, performative citizenship : a comparative analysis,' (2018) EUI Working Paper RSCAS 2018/13.

'Albanian Citizenship Configurations in the Balkans,’ (2017) Central and Eastern European Migration Review, 6:1, 49-64.

co-authored with Gent Cakaj, ‘The role of minorities in the Serb-Albanian political quagmire,’ in Kosovo and Serbia: Contested Options and Shared Consequences, edited by Leandrit Mehmeti and Branislav Radeljic (Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press, 2016), 149-167.

Equal citizens, uneven communities: differentiated and hierarchical citizenship in Kosovo,(2015) Ethnopolitics, Vol. 14, Issue 2, 197-217.

co-authored with Dejan Stjepanovic, ‘Uneven Citizenship: Minorities and Migrants in the Post-Yugoslav Space,’ (2015) Ethnopolitics, Vol. 14, Issue 2, 113-20.

co-authored with Mehmet Musaj, ‘The EU’s ‘Limited Sovereignty – Strong Control’ Approach in the Process of Member State Building in Kosovo,’ in The EU and Member State Building: European Foreign Policy in the Western Balkans, edited by Soeren Keil and Zeynep Arkan (London: Routledge, 2015), 140-62.

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co-authored with Isa Blumi, ‘Albanians' Islam(s)’ in The Oxford Handbook of European Islam, edited by Jocelyne Cesari (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014), 475-516.

‘Revisiting nationalism in Yugoslavia: an inside-out view of the Nationalist Movement in Kosovo’ in Debating the End of Yugoslavia edited by Florian Bieber, Armina Galijaš and Rory Archer (London: Ashgate, 2014), 225-39.

‘State Borders, Symbolic Boundaries and Contested Geographical Space: Citizenship Struggles in Kosovo’ (2013) Transitions Vol. 52, No. 2, 29-51.

’Quadratic Nexus’ and the Process of Democratization and State-Building in Albania and Kosovo: A Comparison’ (2013), Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity, Vol. 41, No. 3, 395-411.

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'Socialism, National Utopia, and Rock Music: Inside the Albanian Rock Scene of Yugoslavia, 1970–1989' (2011) East Central Europe Vol. 38. No. 2-3, 336–354.

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'Defective alike, yet not equal; Cyprus, Taiwan and Kosovo,’ Journal of Human Rights and Policy, Vol 2, No. 1 (July 2009), 49-60.

Selected solicited articles and press:

Good Morning Europe, Euronews, 29 April 2021.

Interviewed for Gara story ‘Apathy and status-quo in parliamentary elections in North Macedonia’ by Miguel Fernandez Ibanez, 15 July 2020.

US and EU Policy on Kosovo is in Disarray, Balkan Insight, 17 June 2020.

The Nine, BBC Scotland, 17 September 2019.

Past masters of the future and change that is not change, Remarker, 3 July 2019.

Interview: After the populist tragedy in Europe, it’s the ideal moment for the left. Kosovo 2.0.  26 December 2018.

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What does the Brexit vote mean for Kosovo?, Prishtina Insight, 24 June 2016.

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Kosovo’s political impasse and the limits of EU’s ‘creative ambiguity’ approach, European Council on Foreign Relations, 19 November 2015.

A Syrian tragedy turning into a European tragedy, UCL Europe Blog, 23 September 2015.

Stability, Cooperation and Integration: The Future of Serb-Albanian Relations. E-International Relations, 2 March 2015.

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