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PhD title: Irresponsible doubt: A dilemma for environmentalism now

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I am exploring the political value of non-anthropocentric ethics, which form a central commitment of some environmental movements. From an 'ideal' theoretical perspective, non-anthropocentrism seems to be imbued with the desirable ideological merits of other anti-centrist moments (feminism, anti-racialism, and decolonialism). From a 'nonideal' or 'political realist' perspective, this theoretically desirable commitment of some environmentalism appears to come under pressure from feasibility concerns, especially given human epistemic shortcomings on the one hand, and the urgency of the climate crisis on the other. I ask: Is it responsible and/or expedient to call into doubt deeply embedded anthropocentric beliefs at a moment when we struggle to even agree that climate change is real? And what are the implications for our understanding of the purpose of political philosophising at this perilous moment in history?


Dr Elizabeth Cripps (Politics) and Dr Matthew Chrisman (Philosophy)


Garland, G. (2017) 'Economic growth and progress: A paradigmatic conflation', African Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 11 No. 2, February 2018, 77‑95.


BA: History, Film studies (University of Cape Town)

BA (Hons): History documentary film-making (University of Cape Town)

Postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE): History and english literature (University of Cape Town)

Master of business administration (MBA) (University of Stellenbosch Business School)

Master of applied ethics (MA): Environmental ethics (University of the Witwatersrand)


Introduction to Ethics tutor (University of the Witwatersrand 2018)

History of Western Philosophy tutor (University of the Witwatersrand 2019)

Political Thinkers tutor (University of Edinburgh 2021)


Graduate fellow of CRITIQUE (Centre for Ethics and Critical Thought)

Edinburgh Political Theory Research Group


A.W. Mellon Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in the Humanities 2011

Director's Award for Best MBA Student 2017

Alice Brown Part-Time PhD Scholarship 2020-2026

Research interests

Research interests

Environment, Bioethics and concepts of nature, Feminist ethics, Contemporary political theory, social epistemology, Epistemic emotions, Ideal and nonideal theory, Climate justice, Climate ethics, Environmental philosophy