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Hamido Megahead

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PhD Student

Research interests

Research interests

Childhood and Youth Studies, Qualitative research, Children and Young People, transition studies,  research with children, Egypt, marginalization, Non-governmental organisations, Care experience, NGOs and Development, Young men, Residential childcare.


PhD Title: Young Men’s Experiences of Residential Childcare Transition from Mixed Sex Residential Accommodation to Single Sex Provision in Egypt

(Self Funded Research, please email if interested in assisting in Funding)

The voices of children have not been heard in any of the research that has taken place in Egypt and this has the potential for impact at a policy and legislative level.   We know nothing of the experiences of the Egyptian young males and the process of transitioning from quasi-family type environments to all-male settings. Young men’s experiences of residential childcare transition is a significant research matter, because it deals with the transition across residential childcare associations while young men are still in care.  There has been no attention paid to such major life changes for while they are transitioning between the mixed sex and male only associations. Exploring these experiences will influence the policy and practice of residential childcare transition and go toward the overall well-being of these young men.

This research will be exploring 25 young men experiences aged 12 to 14 years old, who have already been transitioned from mix sex to male only associations in Cairo, Egypt. The interpretive interactionism qualitative research approach will be applied so as to study and explore these young men’s experiences of transition in residential childcare. Interviews will be conducted with 25 young men in the designated office in their associations. Arabic language will be used during the interviews with these young men.  Before conducting the interview, pilot procedures will be conducted with two young men not from the research participants to make sure the interview schedule running smoothly during the course of conducting the life story interviews.  After the interview and having the findings, two focus groups will be conducted with participants for their responses as a final check of internal validity.

The interest and motivation in exploring this research topic is twofold: professional experience of male only residential childcare and an academic concern identified by the gap in the research studies literature in this area, particularly in light of the importance of hearing children’s voices and experiences as indicated in the literature on childhood studies, the sociology of childhood and transition theories. 

Supervisors:  Dr. Mary Mitchell, Dr Gary Clapton & Mr. Pearse Mccusker 


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