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Isabel Fletcher

Job Title

Senior Research Fellow, SHAPE-ID


I am a qualitative social scientist whose research focuses the interactions between nutrition research and public health policy, and the ways these influence everyday eating. My PhD Obesity: A historical account of the construction of a modern epidemic spanned medical sociology, public health policy and the history of medicine. I have subsequently worked on food security policy, commercial actors’ understandings of public health regulation, and the regulation of healthcare research. I am also co-convenor of the interdisciplinary network Food Researchers in Edinburgh (FRIED) and currently organise the network’s seminar series.

I am currently working on the H2020-funded project Shaping Interdisciplinary Practices in Europe (SHAPE-ID) with Professor Catherine Lyall. A key output from this project is the recently launched SHAPE-ID Toolkit which provides a range of resources for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research aimed at researchers, research organisations, funders, policymakers and societal partners. It is available at



Research interests

Research interests

Nutrition, Sociology of food, Sociology of consumption, Food security, Sustainable diets, Public health, Medical history, Social determinants of health, Medical sociology, Global health policy, Chronic illness, Political economy of health,

Publications by user content

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