School of Social and Political Science

Isadora Dullaert

Job Title

PhD student

Research interests

Research interests

Digital identities, self-sovereign identity, identification, citizenship, passports, blockchain, borders, digital sociology, political sociology 


I am broadly interested in digital identity/identification, citizenship and power. 

My research looks at self-sovereign identity technology (SSI), in the context of the European Digital Identity Wallet. I explore how a digital identity model that was originally designed for the internet, is adapted to the domain of the state. I am particularly interested in the ideological assumptions embedded in the technology, and the impacts on citizenship/citizen subjectivities and power dynamics.

Supervision team

Dr Gëzim Krasniqi

Dr Karen Gregory 


PhD, Sociology, University of Edinburgh (2020- ongoing)

MA Legal and Political Theory, UCL (2019-2020)

MSc Nationalism Studies, University of Edinburgh (2018-2019)

BA Liberal Arts & Sciences, major in World Politics, Leiden University (2014-2017)


Chrystal McMillan Scholarship, University of Edinburgh (2020-2023)

Nominated for EUSA Teaching Awards, category 'Student tutor of the year' (2022-2023)

Tom Nairn Prize for best academic performance in MSc Nationalism Studies, University of Edinburgh (2019)


Tutor on Sociology 1A: The Sociological Imagination: Individuals and Society (2022)

Tutor on Sociology 1B: The Sociological Imagination: Private Troubles, Public Problems (2023)


(Presenter) Self-sovereign identity technology: an empowering tool? Digital Doppelgangers Workshop, Data & Society, New York. 4-5 May 2023. [online]

(Presenter) What does it mean to be self-sovereign? Theorising the rise of digital identity wallets. Platform Social Inaugural Workshop, University of Edinburgh, UK. 25 April 2023.

(Co-presenter) Processes of Vulnerabilisation in e-ID: Lessons From India’s Electronic Public Distribution System and the UK’s EU Settlement Scheme, with Besse, J., Taylor, S. and Sai, V. STS Conference Graz, Austria. 2-4 May 2022. 

(Presenter) The Conflation of Legal and Digital Identity: How Digital ID is Shaping the Legal Identity Space. Governance by Infrastructure Workshop, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. March 17-18 2022. 

(Presenter) Borders, Digital Identities and Sociological Distance. New Directions Conference 'Sociologically Distanced', University of Edinburgh, UK. 5-6 May 2021 (online). 


Dullaert, I. (2023) 'Book Review: License to Travel: A Cultural History of the Passport by Patrick Bixby', LSE Review of Books.

Dullaert, I. (2022) 'Book Review: The Digital Border: Migration, Technology, Power by Lilie Chouliaraki and Myria Georgiou', LSE Review of Books

Dullaert, I. (2021) 'Book Review: Statelessness: A Modern History by Mira L. Siegelberg', LSE Review of Books.

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