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Ismaël Maazaz

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PhD title: Commoning resources? Spaces, resource uses and associated political imaginaries in urban Chad

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My doctoral project looks at the contribution of water to the production of public spaces in the city of N'Djamena in Chad. It deals with the politics of natural resources in urban settings. For so doing, it maps the physical, institutional and administrative water infrastructure of N’Djamena including upstream elements - where water originates. Furthermore, elements of public policy inspired and implemented by Chadian and transnational actors tackle water availability, most notably in deprived areas. Hence, water is simultaneously a driver and a target for the governance of the urban infrastructure. That is why the research project focuses on water end-users and city planners, that is, people who shape, and are shaped by, N’Djamena waterscape. It also aims at putting public use of hydraulic resources in perspective with the evolving representations that concern water through looking at water imaginaries


2015: MS in African Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

2014: Master in International Relations, Sciences Po Lille, France (Institute of political studies)


Dr. Kevin Donovan and Dr. Jose-Maria Munoz

Peer-reviewed publications

"A Southern connection: Chadian extraversion policies and the repercussions for the Libyan territory‚Ä™ ", Égypte/Monde arabe, 2018/2 (n° 18), p. 31-43

-"Pétrole et 'syndrome circassien': Emergence et Fragmentation d'un assemblage global dans les années 2000 au Tchad" in Cahiers Tchadiens des Sciences Humaines, no.1, sept 2017

Conference papers

- "The places à vivre of N’Djamena in Chad: An alternative socio-political water space?", European Conference on African Studies, University of Basel, July 2017

- "Chadiana dreaming: oil imaginaries and (re)production of urban nature in N'Djamena", African Studies Associated of the United Kingdom (ASAUK), University of Cambridge, Septembre 2016

- "Hawkish Chad? Patterns of an Interventionist State in Central Africa" British International Studies association (BISA), University of Edinburgh, June 2016

Selected non-peer reviewed publications

Turbulences en Libye méridionale: une menace majeure pour le bassin sahélien (Turmoil for Southern Libya: a major threat for the Sahel region). Analysis Note. Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security, Brussels, 2014. Available at : [Accessed: 18, January, 2016]

Monitoring de la stabilité régionale dans le bassin sahélien et en Afrique de l'Ouest - mars à juin 2014 (Monitoring of the regional stability in the Sahel and West Africa). Analysis Note. Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security, Brussels, 2014. Available at: [Accessed: 27,January, 2015]


2015: Global Development Academy (GDA) fieldwork scholarship

2011: French Nord-pas-de-calais regional council studentship

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Conference speaker United Nations Day, October 28 2015

Research interests

Research interests

Conflictual production of spaces, resource politics, African security, Chad, Politics of oil, Competing political imaginaries, Urban anthropology, Urban geography