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Jarita Holbrook

Job Title

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

Research interests

Research interests

Holbrook studies astronomy in culture using methods drawn from anthropology, sociology, STS and regularly collaborates with experts beyond these disciplines. ASTROMOVES is their MSCA project, which focuses on the career decision making of astrophysicists and scientists from related fields. ASTROMOVES brings gender and sexual diversity as well as hidden and visible disabilities into dialogue with navigating academic and non-academic careers. Holbrook is interested in mentoring postgraduate students focused on astronomical heritage (indigenous, observatories, intangible), studies of astrophysicists, ethnographic studies of indigenous astronomy especially African indigenous astronomy, and those interested in understanding the processes of inclusion and exclusion related to space industry. 


Dr Holbrook has a wikipedia profile ( which gives many details of their background.  


Astronomy & Astrophysics

University of California, Santa Cruz
MS Astronomy San Diego State University
BS Physics California Institute of Technology


Staff Hours and Guidance

Generally available during business hours M-Th. Contact Dr Holbrook through Teams or via email to schedule a meeting. 

Publications by user content

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