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Jo Vearey

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Associate Professor at the African Centre for Migration & Society, University of the Witwatersrand

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Jo Vearey is an Associate Professor at the African Centre for Migration & Society, University of the Witwatersrand, where she is involved in designing and coordinating research programmes, teaching, and supervising graduate students. Jo is a South African National Research Foundation rated researcher and member of the South African Young Academy of Science. Supported by a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award, Jo has established the Migration and Health Project Southern Africa (maHp). With a commitment to social justice, Jo’s research explores ways to generate and communicate knowledge to improve responses to migration, health and wellbeing in the southern African region. Fundamental to her research practice is Jo’s participation in a range of policy processes at international, regional, national and local levels. Jo is exploring the role of public engagement in the development of appropriate policy responses, including the use of mixed methods approaches that involve various publics in the co-production and application of knowledge to affect change.

Selected recent journal publications:

Selected recent book chapters

  • Vearey, J. (2016) Mobility, migration and generalised HIV epidemics: a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. In: Thomas, F. (ed) Handbook of Migration and Health. Edward Elgar Publishing: UK
  • Oliveira, E. and Vearey, J. (2016) ‘Know me! But, remember that this is only part of who I am’: a participatory photo research project with migrant women sex workers in inner-city Johannesburg, South Africa. In: Arnold, M. and Meskimmon, M. (eds) Homeland: Migration, Women, Citizenship. Liverpool University Press: Liverpool
  • Richter, M. and Vearey, J. (2016) Migration and sex work in South Africa: key concerns for gender and health. In: Gideon, J. (ed) Gender and Health Handbook. Edward Elgar Publishing: UK
  • Vearey, J. and Richter, M. (2015) A World Class African host for whom? Implications of hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup on the lived experiences of migrant sex workers in Johannesburg, South Africa. In: Bonini Lessing, E. (ed) Design practices for urban safety and security. Il Poligrafo: Padova
  • Vearey, J. (2013) Migration, urban health and inequality in Johannesburg. In: Migration and Inequality. Bastia, T. (ed). Routledge: London

Research interests

Research interests

Migration studies, South Africa

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