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Professor of Foreign Policy

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Research interests

Foreign policy analysis, Political psychology

Julie’s research focuses on political psychology, leadership and decision making, group dynamics, foreign policy analysis, foreign policy roles, and parliaments and coalitions in foreign policy. Areas of specialization include German, British, Israeli, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, and U.S. foreign policy. Her research has appeared in various journals, including International AffairsInternational Studies Quarterly, European Journal of International Relations, British Journal of Politics and International Relations,  International Studies ReviewPolitical Psychology, Cooperation and Conflict, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Leadership Quarterly. She has co-written multiple versions of two textbooks -- Global Politics and Foreign Policy in Comparative Perspective.

Current Projects

Personalities of Political World Leaders This research includes several tracks, including a project (Breaking Bad) on how leader personalities change over time, funded by a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship (2023-25).

National Roles: Contestation & Socialisation This research extends my prior theoretical and empirical analyses of internal disagreements over national role conceptions and their influence on foreign policy. A collaborative project examines the relationship between sovereignty and roles in world order transitions. 

Coalition Cabinets, Political Parties, & Parliaments in Foreign Policy My research continues to examine the effects of coalition cabinets and political party disagreements on foreign policy. I am part of a research team doing comparative analyses of parties’ positions on military deployments and the politicization of security policy in parliamentary votes. We have created and extended a database of deployment  and international treaty votes:

The Future of Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) Following my editorial work on the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Foreign Policy Analysis, I am co- editing (with Cameron Thies) the Oxford Handbook of Foreign Policy Analysis. This Handbook aims to re-position FPA to a central analytic location within the study of International Relations.

Topics interested in supervising

foreign & security policy * leaders' personality * group decision-making * parliamentary systems * the role of individuals and domestic politics in international relations

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Co-Director of the Scottish Council on Global Affairs (SCGA)


  • PhD, MA, Political Science (The Ohio State University)
  • BA, Political Science (University of Oklahoma)


Juliet Kaarbo joined the Politics and International Relations department in 2011 as Senior Lecturer and was promoted to Professor with a Personal Chair in Foreign Policy in 2015. She was the founding co-Director of the Centre on Security Research (CeSeR) and co-founded the Scottish Council on Global Affairs (SCGA) in 2022. She served as Associate Editor for Foreign Policy Analysis and the British Journal of Politics and International Relations.  She was awarded a Visiting Scientist Fellowship by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (2009), a Ferdinand Braudel Fellowship at the European University Institute (2022), and a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship (2023-2025).

Julie previously held posts at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and the University of Kansas where she served as Director of Faculty Programs in the Office of International Programs, and as Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Political Science.

In 2018, Julie was named the  Distinguished Scholar in Foreign Policy Analysis for the Foreign Policy Analysis section of the International Studies Association.  She was elected as a Vice President of the International Studies Association for 2022-23.   In 2019, Julie won the Best Supervisor Award at the University of Edinburgh.

Selective Recent Publications


Recent Professional Activities

Selective Expert Testimony

Invited witness for the Scottish Parliament Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culutre Committee’s evidence session on ‘Scottish Government’s National Outcomes’, Edinburgh, 1 June 2023; video available here; written evidence submitted available here.

Written testimony submitted to the Treaty Scrutiny Inquiry, UK House of Lords, July 2020.

Written testimony submitted to the UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee's Inquiry on Global Britain, July 2018.

Invited witness for the UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee’s Inquiry on the Foreign Policy Implications of and for a Separate Scotland, London, January 2013.  

Selective Blogs

 ‘What if Trump Were President When Russia Invaded Ukraine?’, with Kai Oppermann, and Ryan Beasley, Duck of Minerva, 25 September 2023.

‘What would Trump’s Re-election Mean for Ukraine?’, with Ruth Deyermond, Kai Oppermann, and Ryan Beasley, International Affairs, 4 September 2023. 

'What an Analysis of Sunak's Personality Could Mean for UK Policy', with Consuelo Thiers and Ryan Beasley, LSE British Politics and Policy blog series, 14 November 2022

'What Happened to Vladimir Putin?' International Affairs, 1 March 2022

 ‘Leader Personalities:  Trump vs. Biden’, with Ryan Beasley and Consuelo Thiers, Duck of Minerva, 27 October 2020

'As Others See Us:  The Striking Similarities between Brexit and Scottish Independence Debates,’ Herald Scotland, 21 June 2016

Recent Interviews/Recorded Presentations

Presentation on 'Breaking Bad' Project, Bilkent University 2022

Academicus TR, 2021

Duck of Minerva podcast, 2020

The Hayseed Scholar podcast, 2020

Staff Hours and Guidance

I am on a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship; please email for appointment