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Justyna Bandola-Gill

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Research Fellow


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22 George Square

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Research interests

Sociology of Knowledge, Public policy, International Organisations, Quantification, Expertise, Research use, Evidence & experts in policy, Knowledge transfer/exchange, Research impact, Policy instruments, Social Policy, child poverty, governance, Political Sociology, Sociology of development, STS, Sociology of Quantification

Justyna is an interdisciplinary researcher working at the intersection of Science and Technology Studies and Public Policy. Her main research interests include:

  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Global Social Policy
  • Knowledge politics and policies (e.g. the research impact agenda);
  • Evidence-based policymaking, evidence use and co-production of knowledge;
  • Measurement and quantification in public policy.

Currently, Justyna is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the METRO project, where her research explores the production and governance of poverty indicators by Internationational Organisations.

Justyna is a Deputy Director of SKAPE - Centre for Science, Knowledge and Policy and Co-Chair of Knowledge and Policy Standing Group at the ECPR.

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PhD in Science and Technology Studies (the University of Edinburgh); MRes in Science and Technology Studies (Distinction, the University of Edinburgh); MA in Political Science (Distinction, Jagiellonian University)


Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Smith, K., Bandola-Gill, J., Meer, N., Stewart, E., & Watermeyer, R. (2020)The Impact Agenda: Controversies, Consequences and Challenges. Policy Press: Bristol.

Stewart, E., Smith-Merry, J., Bandola-Gill, J., Geddes, M. (2020) Opening up evidence-based policy? Citizen and service user perspectives at the evidence-policy interface. Evidence and Policy (online first)

Bandola-Gill, J. (2019) Between Relevance and Excellence? Research Impact Agenda and the Production of Policy Knowledge. Science and Public Policy. (online first)

Wreford A, Martin S, Reed M., Bandola-Gill, J., Low, R., Cross, A. (2019) Evidence-informed climate policy: mobilising strategic research and pooling expertise for rapid evidence generationClimatic Change (online first)

Bandola-Gill, J., & Lyall, C. (2017) Knowledge Brokers and Policy Advice in Policy Formulation. In Howlett M., Mukherjee I. (eds), Elgar Handbook of Policy Formulation, pp. 249-265. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Selected reports

Bandola-Gill, J., Brans, M., & Flinders, M. (2018) Incentives for Impact of Political Science. Report to EU COST Action ProSEPS – Professionalisation and Social Impact of European Political Science, March 2018.

Bandola-Gill, J., & Lyall, C. (2015) Interdisciplinarity Reflected in the Policy Documents of Funding Bodies of INTREPID Members. Report to EU COST Action INTREPID, November 2015.

Lyall, C., Meagher, L., Bandola, J., & Kettle, A. (2015), Interdisciplinary provision in higher education: current and future challenges. Report to Higher Education Academy, August 2015.

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