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My PhD research focused on the promotion of civil society by international development agencies in post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan. I successfully defended my PhD in Sociology in 2011 at the University of Edinburgh.

I have been involved in teaching at the University of Edinburgh since 2008. I have tutored on the undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as Sociology 1 A, B, 2, Social and Political Enquiry, and Analysis of Qualitative Data. I have also provided guest lectures to postgraduate students on the issues of development and researching civil society. In 2013, I was also involved in designing a course syllabus for the newly introduced Fundamentals in Sociology course. I also successfully acted as a senior tutor on the undergraduate courses of Sociology 1 A and B.

Since my graduation, I have been actively involved in the policy oriented research with a range of international organisations. For example, in 2013, I carried out a mapping and assessment of the child protection system in The Gambia. Additionally, I have worked in Central Asia with such organisations as Aga-Khan Foundation, the World Bank, and SOS Children’s Villages researching issues of local self-governance, community development and well-being of children and families.

Before doing my PhD I worked for NGOs and United Nations Population Fund in Kyrgyzstan on the projects aimed to encourage local communities to become involved in developing their own communities and improving their lives.

Currently, I am researching the impact of scholarship programmes of international development agencies on the development of low income countries and their civil society based on the case of Kyrgyzstan. My PhD research made it clear that, through scholarship programmes, donors intended to contribute to strengthening of civil society in Kyrgyzstan and thus promote overall social and political development of the country.


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Research interests

Organizations and institutions, Civil Society and Democratization, Social movements, International development, Non-governmental organisations, Non-state actors, nonprofit organisations, Children's Rights, Youth, Community Development

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