School of Social and Political Science

Katie Hudson

Job Title

PhD Student, Tutor

Research interests

Research interests

University Tutor

PhD Dissertation- 'Empire State of Mind: Imperial Nationalism in Contemporary Europe' 

My research looks at imperial nationalism, and specifically how empire has shaped national identity and foreign policy framing in the UK, Spain and the Netherlands. The primary focus is how imperial nationalism manifests at the political-level, using discourse analysis to look at instances of its invocation from the year 2000 to present. Supporting this is a social-level quantitative analysis, using secondary survey data to determine public opinion and pride for imperial history, and its importance to national identity.

My research interests include:

  • nationalism
  • empire
  • identity 
  • EU politics & IR


BSc International Relations and Organisations (Leiden University)                                                       

MSc Nationalism, Federalism and Multiculturalism (Pompeu Fabra University)