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Dr Kristina Pikovskaia

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Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow

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Research interests

Research interests

Kristina's research interests include citizenship as a lived experience, ideas and practices of citizenship,  political subjectivity, politics of the informal sector, informal economies in Africa, the changing nature of work, state-society relations, and urban politics. She is especially interested in understanding how people experience major socio-economic and political transformations. 


Kristina is the principal investigator on the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship project Women's Citizenship in Informal and Intimate Economies of Urban Zimbabwe. She is mentored by Dr Sara Dorman.

She also contributes to teaching on the Centre for African Studies courses as a lecturer.

Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, Kristina completed her doctorate at the University of Oxford. Her thesis ‘Vendors Keep This Economy Running’: Economic Informalisation and Citizenship in Harare, Zimbabwe looked at the impact of profound economic informalisation in Zimbabwe on people's ideas and practices of citizenship. A part of this research is published in the Journal of Southern African Studies.

Her previous research included a study of narratives of Soviet military specialists and interpreters who provided assistance to Angola during the cold war

Kristina is passionate about teaching and learning and has taught on the courses, such as History and Politics (Teaching Assistant, Oxford Department of International Development, 2018-2019), Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa (Tutor, St Anne's College, Oxford, 2021), Poverty and Human Development (Tutor, Wadham College, Oxford, 2022), Non-violent Resistance Movements (Tutor, Wadham College, Oxford, 2022), and Politics and Theories of International Development (Guest Lecturer, Edinburgh, 2022).

Publications by user content

Publication Research Explorer link
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Pikovskaia K. Informal-sector organisations, political subjectivity, and citizenship in Zimbabwe. Journal of Southern African Studies. 2022 Jan;48(1):23-41.
Pikovskaia K. Seeking social justice in crisis: Socio-economic rights and citizenship in post-2000 Zimbabwe. Review of African Political Economy. 2021;48(170):656-666.
Pikovskaia K. ‘We Could Not Be There’: Storytelling and the narratives of Soviet military advisers, specialists and interpreters in Angola during the Civil War (1975–1992). Journal of Southern African Studies. 2020 Sep 2;46(5):903-921.