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Dr Laura Harris

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ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow

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I am an ESRC postdoctoral fellow working on a project titled 'Artful Sociologies: Exploring Avenues for Interdisciplinarity Between Sociology and the Art World.' In this project, I explore how sociologists work with artists and arts organisations, and the benefits, challenges, and ethics of such collaborations. I am also interested in visual methods, and what sociologists can learn from artists working in moving image, and vice versa. 

In 2020 I completed my PhD at the University of Liverpool in collaboration with Bluecoat, Liverpool's centre for the contemporary arts. My thesis looked at the construction of an exhibition, concentrating on forms and spaces of labour that are often 'invisible' and precarious. It included a 15 minute, two-channel film, Critical Focus: Study of an Arts Centre, which was shown at Bluecoat. 

Since completing my PhD, I was a Digital Engagement Fellow at The Sociological Review where I initiated their Image-Maker in Residence programme. I then worked at Manchester Metropolitan University on the project 'The Economic, Social, and Cultural Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Independent Art Workers in UK Theatre' which was funded by the ESRC as part of their rapid response to COVID-19.

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Publication Research Explorer link
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