School of Social and Political Science

Lindsey Garner-Knapp

Job Title

PhD Student

Research interests

Research interests

Subnational governments, Negotiations, Free Trade Agreements, Diplomacy, World Trade Organization, Globalization, Foreign policy, Networks, Qualitative methods, Post-human and new materialism 

My current research uses an ethnographic approach to explore everyday diplomacy of subnational civil servants from the Canadian provinces and UK devolved governments in preferential trade negotiations. This project is funded by a Principal's Career Development Scholarship from the University of Edinburgh and a Doctoral Fellowship from SSHRC (Canada).

I have co-founded the Policy-Knowledge-Practice International Working Group committed to creating a collaborative and cooperative environment to engage in interpretivist approaches in public administration. If you are interested in joining or getting more information, then please send me an email.


My research fits between academia and policy work. Academically, I have had a number of research roles exploring international trade and the rules-based trading system but also projects exploring health, labour, and gender policies.  I have worked as a civil servant for Canadian provincial and municipal governments and British devolved and council governments in various positions related to policy and evaluations. As a result of this diverse background, I have developed an appreciation for interdisciplinary approaches and finding strategies to bring together academics, policymakers, and other stakeholders in my research projects. 

Recent publications:

Garner-Knapp, L., Western, S. & Lovat, H. (forthcoming). The US, the WTO, and the Appellate Body: From Great Expectations to Hard Times. European Yearbook of International Economic Law

Keating, M. & Garner-Knapp, L. (12 Jan 2021). Report to National Assembly of Wales: International Obligations and Common Frameworks. Welsh Assembly.…

Dawar, K., Beaulieu, E. & Garner-Knapp, L. (2019) Canada-UK Free Trade: Balancing Progressive Trade Policies and Economic Benefits, The School of Public Policy Publications 12(43), 1-29.