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Lisa Howard

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PhD candidate, environmental sociology

Lisa Howard

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I am interested in how global minority world families are experiencing, and collectively responding to, climate change in everyday life. For my PhD I am using a relational feminist approach to social practice theory to understand the potential of radical eco parenting to bring about a more just and sustainable future.  


PhD Sociology, University of Edinburgh, 2019 - 2023. Supervised by Dr. Rachel Howell and Prof. Lynn Jamieson


Howard, L. (2023)  Breaking climate justice ‘silence’ in everyday life: The environmentalist killjoy, negotiation, and relationship risk. The Sociological Review. (forthcoming)

Howard, L. (2022). When global problems come home: Engagement with climate change within the intersecting affective spaces of parenting and activism. Emotion, Space and Society, 44, 100894.

Lisa Howard, Rachel Howell & Lynn Jamieson (2021): (Re)configuring moral
boundaries of intergenerational justice: the UK parent-led climate movement, Local Environment, 

Book review: Sustainable Consumption Key Issues, Middlemiss 2018. Local Environment


Guest lecture: Social Inequality and the Lifecourse (Hons course) March 2022 and March 2023

Guest lecture:  Researching Global Social Change (MSc level) March 2022 

Sustainable Development - senior tutor (2018 - 2020)


British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2023 (fortcoming) - due to present a paper on climate 'silence' within personal relationships

British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2021 - Presentation: 'Parenting, Resilience and Climate Futures'

European Sociological Association Annual Conference 2021 - Co-ordinator of Joint Session 'Feeling 'the Global' through families and personal relationships'

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Howard L, Howell R, Jamieson L. (Re)configuring moral boundaries of intergenerational justice: The UK parent-led climate movement. Local Environment. 2021 Sep 14. Epub 2021 Sep 14. doi: 10.1080/13549839.2021.1973977