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Dr Lisa Howard

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Visiting postdoctoral researcher


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Research interests

I have recently completed my PhD in Sociology here at the University of Edinburgh. I am now a visiting researcher working as a postdoc for 'Networks of Reproduction in Complex Planetary Futures: intimacy, companionship and family building in Finland, Portugal and Scotland', a 4-year international comparative study led by Anna-Maija Castren of the University of Eastern Finland.  

My interests are in the intersections of environmental issues and personal life, ecofeminist and ecogender perspectives on climate change and sustainability, and modern configurations of family and companionship, including multispecies relations of care. 

Publications during my doctoral research:

Howard, L. (2023). Breaking climate justice ‘silence’ in everyday life: The environmentalist killjoy, negotiation and relationship risk. The Sociological Review, 00380261231159524.

Howard, L. (2022). When global problems come home: Engagement with climate change within the intersecting affective spaces of parenting and activism. Emotion, Space and Society, 44, 100894.

Howard, L.,Howell, R., & Jamieson, L. (2021). (Re) configuring moral boundaries of intergenerational justice: the UK parent-led climate movement, Local Environment, 26(12), 1429-1444

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Howard L, Howell R, Jamieson L. (Re)configuring moral boundaries of intergenerational justice: The UK parent-led climate movement. Local Environment. 2021 Sept 14. Epub 2021 Sept 14. doi: 10.1080/13549839.2021.1973977