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I am primarily a sociologist of markets and have a particular interest in dull or difficult markets. In the past this has involved research on the historical practices of advertising and marketing, particularly of doorstep financial products targeted at the poor including industrial life insurance and credit vouchers. More recently, my research has focused on big data-driven innovations in insurance and insurtech on the one hand, and on cities and civic planning, on the other. 

My most recent publications are:

Editorial: The personalisation of insurance: Data, behaviour and innovation; with Ine Van Hoyweghen and Gert Meyers 

The value of sharing: Branding and behaviour in a life and health insurance company; with Hugo Jeanningros, Big Data and Society

Personalizing solidarity? The role of self-tracking in health insurance pricing. Economy and Society

Books include Markets and the Arts of Attachment (2017) co-edited with Franck Cochoy and Joe Deville, and the monographs  Devising Consumption: cultural economies of insurance, credit and spending (2014) and Advertising: a cultural economy (2004). I am also joint Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cultural Economy.

Having spent many years at the Open University, I have an appetite for teaching and thinking across a variety of media. This resulted in the founding of  AWED, an informal collective that make films and installations exploring the orchestration of civic sentiments and data techniques most recently Closes and Opens: a history of Edinburgh’s Futures.

Research interests

Research interests

I am currently lead investigator on ‘COVID Arcadia: Socio-Material Adaptations and the Role of ‘Digital Affective’ premises in a Pandemic City’ part of the Data-Driven Entrepreneurship Beacon Programme supported by the Scottish Funding Council. Together with postgraduate researchers Kath Bassett, Idil Galip, Addie McGowan and Elif Buse Doyuran the project is tracing the responses of independent service retailers in Edinburgh to the Covid pandemic. We investigate these adaptations using digital ethnographic methods that combine an analysis of the role, affordances and interplay across both material and digital premises and platforms from Reddit to Instagram, and analysis of ‘massive, passive, behavioural data’ using target hashtags reflecting on Edinburgh during the various phases of lockdown.

Keywords: Sociology of markets, insurance and finance, consumption, welfare and healthcare payment systems, planning city futures and civic participation. 

I'm interested in supervising students working to develop projects in any of the research areas described above. If you are interested in being supervised by me, please see the links below (opening in new windows) for more information:

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