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Manolis Kalaitzake

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Lecturer in Political Economy

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16-19 George Square

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Research interests

Research interests

Comparative/International Political Economy; Capitalism; Business-government relations; EU politics; Financial markets & policymaking; Central banking; Sociology of elites

PhD Supervision

Manolis is interested in supervising PhD dissertations on topics related to his main research interests. If you are interested in being supervised by Manolis Kalaitzake, please see the link below for more information (opens in new window):


Research publications

Kalaitzake, M. (2022). Structural Power without the Structure: A Class-Centered Challenge to New Structural Power Formulations. Politics & Society, 50(4): 655-6874.   

Bulfone, F., Ergen, T., & Kalaitzake, M. (2022). No strings attached: Corporate welfare, state intervention, and the issue of conditionality. Competition & Change.

Kalaitzake, M (2021). Resilience in the City of London: the fate of UK financial services after Brexit. New Political Economy

Lynch, K., Kalaitzake, M., & Crean, M. (2021). Care and affective relations: Social justice and sociology. The Sociological Review69(1), 53-71. 

Kalaitzake, M. (2020). Resilience or Relocation? Expectations and Reality in the City of London since the Brexit Referendum. MPIfG Discussion Paper

Kalaitzake, M. (2020). Brexit for finance? Structural interdependence as a source of financial sector power within UK-EU withdrawal negotiations. Review of International Political Economy.

Kalaitzake, M. (2019). Accounting for success: The Big Four as allies of finance in post crisis regulatory reform. Business & Politics, 21(3): 297–326.

Kalaitzake, M. (2018). Central Banking and Financial Political Power: An investigation into the ECB. Competition & Change. 23 (3): 221–244.

Lynch, K. & Kalaitzake, M. (2018). Affective and Calculative Solidarity: Affective and calculative solidarity: the impact of individualism and neoliberal capitalism. European Journal of Social Theory. Online First.

Kalaitzake, M. (2017). The Political Power of Finance: The Institute of International Finance in the Greek Debt Crisis. Politics & Society, 45(3): 389-413.

Kalaitzake, M. (2017). Death by a Thousand Cuts? Financial Political Power and the Case of the European Financial Transaction Tax. New Political Economy, 22(6): 709-726.

Kalaitzake, M. (2015). Political capture by the financial industry. State of Power 2015, 17-27. Amsterdam: Transnational Institute.


Democracy and Contemporary Capitalism (PLIT10139) - Convenor

International Political Economy (PGSP11171) - Convenor

International Political Economy (PLIT08020) - Lecturer

Politics in a Changing World: An Introduction for non-specialists (PLIT08012) - Lecturer


Co-director of MSc in International Relations Programme