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Senior Lecturer in Global and International Social Policy

Markus Ketola

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I am a senior lecturer in Global and International Social Policy. My current research interests are broadly located in civil society studies, particularly looking at the role of NGOs in the design and delivery of social policy and the relationships between supranational actors and NGOs, as well as the transnational aspects of NGO work. I'm also interested in the impact of populism on social policy in general and populist policy narratives in particular. Some of these themes are explored in my two books: Europeanization and Civil Society (2013) and Neoliberalism and the Voluntary and Community Sector in Northern Ireland (with Ciaran Hughes) (2021).

I joined the School of Social and Political Studies in 2019. Prior to this I worked at Ulster University and the London School of Economics. I completed my PhD at the LSE in 2010, in the Department of Social Policy. During my time at Ulster I served as the Research Director for the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences managing the REF2021 submission for UoA20 and as Director of both the North East Doctoral Training Partnerships (NINE DTP) and the DTA3/COFUND Marie Skoldowska-Curie PhD Fellowships Programme. I am the current Research Convenor for Social Policy. 

I have been a member of the Social Policy Association's Executive Committee since 2015 and I am the current Honorary Secretary of the SPA.

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