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Mayline Strouk

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Research interests

PhD title (provisory): "Free as a bird? Geography of seabird ornithologists' mobilities to the field in the Anthropocene"

This research project investigates what leads the researchers in seabird ornithology to the field and to a specific field site in particular. Thus, I look at researchers' many networks and mobilities to study and perhaps follow the seabirds along their migratory journeys. I'm specifically looking at this in the North Atlantic and Arctic region, thus also looking at the specificities of polar environments for fieldwork. My research speciality and the main methods I mobilize are from geography of science. 



I have a double Bachelor degree in History and Geography and a Master degree in Human Geography from the Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. 

I did my Master thesis on the Geography of Scientific Research in the Svalbard archipelago (Norway).  I am working in the geography of science, science diplomacy, the environmental impact of fieldwork-based research, seabirds, and the Arctic.