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Research interests

I am currently preparing a PhD on the geography of science with a focus on seabird research and particularly on the iconic Atlantic puffin. My project currently called "Geography of Fieldwork-based Research in the Anthropocene. The Example of Seabird Study in Scotland and European Arctic", is focusing on how some coasts and islands gain a particular attractivity among researchers.  I will try to understand how some fieldwork sites can become hotspots of scientific research for the study of seabirds while some remain "voids". 


I have a double Bachelor degree in History and Geography and a Master degree in Human Geography from the Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. 

I did my Master thesis on the Geography of Scientific Research in the Svalbard archipelago (Norway).  I have an interest in the geography of science, science diplomacy, the environmental impact of fieldwork-based research, seabirds, and the Arctic.