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Maythe S.-W. Han

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PhD student / dog person: nature–cultures of more-than-human kinship in Edinburgh and on the internet

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Research interests

Kinship, ecology, ecological anthropology, experimental research, visual anthropology, materiality, material culture, critical theory, linguistic anthropology, storytelling, experimental methodologies, friendship, relatedness, dogs, multispecies anthropology, more-than-human ethnography, critical whiteness studies



2018 - present

PhD Social Anthropology
University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh, Scotland
Research foci: dogs, more-than-human kinship, economic and ecological anthropology, assemblage theory, material culture

Supervisors: Prof. Janet Carsten + Dr. Rebecca Marsland

2015 - 2016

MA Material and Visual Culture
University College London / London, England
Research foci: materiality, kinship, body, queer anthropology, contemporary archaeology, sexuality, sex toys, BDSM

Supervisor: Prof. Victor Buchli

2011 - 2015 BA Anthropology/Archaeology, Classics, World Religions
McGill University / Montréal, Canada
Research foci: queer anthropology, human ecology, Ancient Greek and Latin literature


Published works

Han, M. 2022. ‘More-than-human kinship against proximal loneliness: practising emergent multispecies care with a dog in a pandemic and beyond’. Feminist Theory. Special issue: Feminist Loneliness Studies.

Han, M. 2021. Toward a reflexive anthropology’. Gender, Work & Organization. Special issue: Race, Difference and Power: Recursions of Coloniality in Work and Organizations.

Han, M. 2014. “Domestic Abuse of Women and Restorative Justice in Nunavut.” Fields | Terrains 4:27-31.




  • ‘Imagining queer futures with dog children’. Guest lecture for ANTH 204 Anthropology of Meaning, 10 March, McGill University.
  • ‘No future for dog children’. Guest lecture for Kinship: Structure and Process. 25 Feb, University of Edinburgh.


  • ‘Doing digital ethnographic fieldwork’. Guest lecture for PGSP11016 Research Skills in the Social Sciences: Data Collection, 4 Oct, University of Edinburgh.
  • ‘Digital ethnography’. Guest lecture for SCAN08005 Ethnography: Theory and Practice, 11 Feb, University of Edinburgh.


  • ‘Remote ethnography’. Guest lecture for PGSP11016 Research Skills in the Social Sciences: Data Collection, 1 Oct, University of Edinburgh.


  • ‘Creating and confining spaces for affective materiality: BDSM and the moral economy of neoliberalism’. Sex Salon Lecture Series, 2 Nov, University of Toronto.


 Conference activities


  • ‘Multispecies choreographies’. Dog Day — Entre Chien et Loup, 17 Jun, Edinburgh College of Art.


  • ‘More-than-human kinship as a technology of exclusion: animalised humans and racialised animals in the fold of whiteness. 4S Annual Meeting — Good Relations: Practices and Methods in Unequal and Uncertain Worlds, 7 Oct, remote.


  • Chair. Dismantling Oppressive Structures in Anthropology conference, DOSiA, 25 Nov, remote.
  • Invited panelist. Multispecies encounters in our everyday lives, 21 Oct, University of St Andrews.
  • ‘The ugliness of multispecies intersubjectivity: pandemic racism and the love of animals in the UK’. ASA 2020: How to Live Through a Pandemic, 27 Aug, remote.
  • ‘More-than-human methods and ethics in canine ethnography’. LOVA workshop: feminist canine ethnography, 17 Jan, University of Amsterdam.


  • ‘Understanding queer and crip time with multispecies temporality’. More Than Human Workshop, 5 May, University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art.
  • ‘Kibbles of love and chicken: an interspecies story about dog food’. Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology and Students of Medical Anthropology symposium, 21 February, University of Edinburgh.


  • Co-presented with Sophia Hoffinger. ‘Resting against resistance: academic rigidity and stagnation in neoliberal times’. Stagnation in a changing world conference, 12 Nov, University of St Andrews.


  • Co-presented with Ruth Coleszar-Green. An ethnographic critique of queer spaces. International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations, 27 Jul, Toronto.




  • ‘Anthrozoology of dogs and their humans’, Bunsen and Beaker Show, 17 May.
  • ‘Knowing about dogs’, Doctors of P(h)rocrastination, 29 Mar.



  • ‘Dogs, racism, and anthrozoology: talking multispecies kinship with Maythe Han’, Anthropologically Speaking Podcast, 17 Oct.

Honours, awards, and grants


Atelier Postgraduate Research Grant
Atelier: Creative Arts and the Social Sciences Network / Edinburgh, UK


Young Canada Works Grant
Department of Heritage & Cultural Human Resources Council / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Dean’s Honour List
McGill University / Montréal, Québec, Canada


Ontario Scholar
Ontario Ministry of Education / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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