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Mohammad Amir Anwar

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Lecturer in African Studies and International Development; Programme Director MSc International Development

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Research interests

Globalisation, Economic Geography, Digital Economy, Digital Labour, Digital Work, Gig Economy, Humans of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Labour and Labour Movements, Employment/Unemployment, Digital Value Creation, Future of Work, Inequality and Poverty, African Political Economy, Digital Ethnography, Mixed Methods Research in Social Sciences, Social Media and Internet Technologies, Storytelling and Ethnography, Development studies.

PhD Supervision

He welcomes queries from prospective PhD students on broad research interests outlined above. Please check our PhD programmes:
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Mohammad is a Lecturer in African Studies and International Development. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy completed PG Certificate in Academic Practice (at Edinburgh). At Edinburgh, he teaches on a range of Postgraduate (both online and on campus) and Undergraduate courses.
Course Convenor:

  • Work Futures: Edinburgh Futures Institute.
  • Contemporary Issues in International Development: School of Social and Political Science.
  • International Development- Research Design and Practice: School of Social and Political Science.

In the past he has convened the courses: Politics and Theories of International Development and Governance, Development, and Poverty in Africa, and Researching International Development. As a testament to his teaching excellence, he has been awarded the Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (UK).

He is a Senior Research Fellow (Honorary) at the British Institute for Eastern Africa and Senior Research Associate at the School of Tourism and Hospitality, University of Johannesburg. He was also a Fellow of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Digital Economy and Society

He holds a Ph.D in Geography from Trinity College Dublin. He has extensive experience of conducting research both in India and Africa.

Before coming to Edinburgh, Mohammad was a Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, where he was a part of the ERC-funded project Geonet: investigating the changing connectivities and potentials of Sub-Saharan Africa’s knowledge economy. As a part of the project, he lead the research on digital outsourcing and gig economy in Africa. At Oxford, he also taught a Masters course on Economic Development in Digital Capitalism.

Before joining the OII he worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). At UJ, his work examined at the political economy of India’s engagements in Africa. He also briefly worked as a Research Assistant at Trinity College Dublin, for an Irish Research Council funded project on the role of information and communication technologies in enterprise development and industrial change in Africa.

He is the author of 'The Digital Continent', (2022) published by Oxford University Press. He has 20 peer-reviewed publications including highly-reputed journals, such as Environment and Planning A, Competition and Change, Review of African Political Economy, Journal of Modern African Studies, International Labour Review, African Geographical Review, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, First Monday, and Urban Forum. Peer-reviewed book chapters have been published by Sage and Cambridge University Press. He regularly contributes to public debate through blogs, articles for online news sources, and radio interviews. His articles have appeared in New Statesman and The Conversation. 

Mohammad has received funding the British Academy/Leverhulme Trust, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Foundation of Urban and Regional Studies. His PhD was funded through Trinity Research Studentship, Trinity College, University of Dublin.


Journal articles


  • Etieno, E., Stein, M. Anwar, M. A. (2020) Ride Ride Hailing Drivers Left Alone at the Wheel: Experiences from South Africa and Kenya, in Carmody, P., McCann, G., Colleran, C., O’Halloran, C. (eds) COVID-19 in the Global South: Impacts and Responses, Bristol University Press, Bristol.
  • Wood, A., Graham, M. and Anwar, M.A. (2020)  "Minimum Wages for Online Labour Platforms? Regulating the Global Gig Economy." In: 'The Digital Transformation of Labor (Open Access): Automation, the Gig Economy and Welfare Larsson, A. and Teigland, R. (eds) Routledge Studies in Labour EconomicsLondonRoutledge. pp. 74-79.
  • Graham, M. and Anwar, M.A. (2020)  "The global gig economy: towards a planetary labour markets?" In: 'The Digital Transformation of Labor: Automation, the Gig Economy and Welfare' Larsson, A. and Teigland, R. (eds) Routledge Studies in Labour EconomicsLondonRoutledge. pp. 213-234.
  • Graham, M. and Anwar, M.A. (2018)  "Digital Labour" In: Digital Geographies Ash, J., Kitchin, R. and Leszczynski, A. (eds)SAGE177-187.
  • Anwar, M.A. (2018)  "Connecting South Africa: ICTs, Uneven Development and Poverty Debates." In: The Geography of South Africa: Contemporary Changes and New Directions, Knight, J. and Rogerson, C. (eds) World Regional Geography Book SeriesSpringer.
  • Graham, M. and Anwar, M.A. (2018)  "Two models for a fairer sharing economy" In: The Cambridge Handbook of Law and Regulation of the Sharing Economy, Davidson, N., Infranca, J. and Finck, M. (eds)New YorkCambridge University Press. pp. 328-340.


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