School of Social and Political Science

Neil Fraser

Job Title

Honorary Fellow


My main research interests are in employment policies, including the comparative study of employment in different countries, the economic appraisal of social policies, and comparative public expenditure. I am currently working on a study of in-work poverty in the UK as part of a study of in-work poverty in Europe.  Development and social security in India  is another interest.

Topics I have worked on include:

(i) Employment Policies

Welfare to work policies in Britain and Europe.

Ways of targeting labour market programmes.

Swedish active labour market policies.

The employment implications of child care.

(ii) Economic appraisal of social policy

The appraisal of breast cancer screening.

The appraisal of public childcare.

(iii) Comparative public expenditure

Data on expenditure on the functions of government.

Recent Theses

I have supervised the following theses: the impact of economic rationalism and new public management in two Scottish maternity care units; comparison of policies for low attaining secondary school students in Scotland and Ontario; quality management: a study in an Amazonian Environmental Research Institute; and lone parents on Family Credit: employment decisions and perceptions. 


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Public Policy for the 21st Century, book edited by Neil Fraser and John Hills, Policy Press, Dec. 2000, including chapter by myself ‘Economic Policy Analysis'.

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'Economic Policy in Sweden : Are there lessons from the Swedish model?', International Review of Applied Economics, June 1987.

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