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Nida Alahmad

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Lecturer in Politics and International Relations of the Middle East

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Programme Director MSc International Relations of the Middle East

Programme Director MSc International Relations of the Middle East with Advanced Arabic


Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, I was a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow at the Department of Conflict and Development Studies, Ghent University (2016-2018). I received my PhD from the New School for Social Research, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Georgetown University and a visiting fellow and research associate at The European University Institute. I taught at New York University, the University of Toronto and the New School for Continuing Education. I also worked as a consultant with a number of NGOs including the Committee to Protect Journalists and the International Center for Transitional Justice. I was the recipient of a number of honors and awards including fellowships from the United States Institute of Peace, The Mellon Research Fellowship in Security and Humanitarian Action and a number of New School awards and fellowships, including the Frieda Wunderlich Memorial Award for an outstanding dissertation.

Select Publications

  • State, Oil, and War in the Formation of Iraq: An Historicized Critical View. Book chapter in Joel Beinin, Bassam Haddad, and Sheren Seikaly [eds.] A Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa: from the 19th Century to the Present. Stanford University Press (2020)
    • See my interview about this chapter in Jadaliyya.
    • نص المقابلة باللغة العربية عن هذا الفصل في موقع جدلية
  • The Iraqi State: methodological and theoretical considerations. Middle East Centre Blog, LSE. Nov 14 (2019)
  • Illuminating a State: Statebuilding and Electricity in Occupied Iraq. Humanity Journal 8 (2) (2017)
  • A Perspective from the Middle East: Governance and the problem of knowledge. Book chapter in Anna Triandafyllidou [ed.] Global Governance from Regional Perspectives: A Critical View. Oxford University Press (2017).
  • Rewiring a State: The techno-politics of CPA’s Iraq. Middle East Report 266, Spring (2013).
  • A War of Multiple Fronts. Co-authored with Arang Keshavarzian. Middle East Report 257 (2010).
  • The Politics of Oil and State Survival in Iraq (1991-2003). Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory 14:4 (2007).

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Research interests

Middle East politics, Political theory, State building, State formation, Performativity, Political philosophy, Political economy of oil, State theory, Sectarianism, Science and technology studies

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Wednesdays 10:00 - 12:00. To make an appointment:

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