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Nokwazi Makanya

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Nokwazi Makanya

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My PhD research project uses an assessment of the institutional arrangements of the government budgeting process as a vantage point to understand the balance of power between different actors in a political system. I am interested in the ways that formal and informal budget and political institutions (procedures, rules, and norms) incentivise and constrain the behaviour of actors, and the effects of this on decision-making and budget policy.


Professor James Mitchell (School of Social and Political Science)

Professor Chris Carter (Business School)


Politics in a Changing World: An Introduction for Non-specialists (Autumn, 2019)

Rethinking Economics and the Financial Crisis (Autumn, 2020)


MA in Development Economics (with distinction). Williams College, USA

Professional experience

  • Director: Public Finance. National Treasury of South Africa (2014-2018)
  • Senior Policy Analyst: Budget Office. National Treasury of South Africa (2011-2014)
  • Economic/Financial Analyst. National Energy Regulator of South Africa (2007-2009)


Makanya, N. (2021) 'Progress with parliamentary 'power over the purse': The case of South Africa', Parliamentary Affairs

Research projects

Investigating Regional Economies (Audit Scotland, May – November 2021)

Researched the different regional economies and drivers of economic growth across Scotland. This included investigating differences and trends relating to the shape of the local economies, the makeup of local businesses and employers, regional differences in economic output, productivity, and income. The research project also considered regional demographics and factors affecting the public sector, such as health inequalities and poverty data. The research output and data produced was used to inform Audit Scotland’s understanding of how Scotland’s regions differ, and how budget and policy decisions, public sector challenges and performance measures align to it.

Research interests

Research interests

Public budgeting, Legislative behaviour, Political economy of budget processes, South African politics, Institutions and institutional change