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Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Pearse McCusker

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Research interests

Research interests

Mental Health, Adult Safeguarding, Critical Mindfulness, Critical pedagogy, Participatory Action Research, Social Work Law and Ethics

My abiding passion is mental health research, spanning a wide continuum from the ethics of compulsory interventions, conceptualising mental distress and adult safeguarding, to the potential of critical mindfulness for addressing oppression and supporting social justice aims in social work; the latter being the subject of my PhD, which was awarded in 2019. My work is underpinned by a commitment to critical and contemplative theory and pedagogy, with related research activity exploring the lived experience of mental distress and participatory education and action research methodologies.

Current projects

I am currently working with care experienced young people (CEYP) on a University of Edinburgh Knowledge Exchange and Impact funded project which is looking at their mental health needs. The project adopted a co-produced approach in order to address a lack of CEYP involvement in research. Through it, we're developing a training workshop for students and qualified workers in residential child care, social care and social work so that they can better understand and support CEYP's mental health.

I'm also working with colleagues from Queen's University, Belfast in developing and delivering a bespoke mindfulness programme for social work students. A key aspect involves exploring how mindfulness practices, when viewed from a critical lens, can enhance reflexivity and anti-oppressive practice.

I also support the Mental Health Officer Research Network in the East of Scotland and have a number of active projects, including one with a MHO colleague based in Edinburgh City Council which is evaluating a Family Group Decision-Making service - in line with my interest in supported decision-making.

Topics interested in supervising

Mental Health, Adult Safeguarding, Supported Decision-Making, Social Work Law and Ethics, Critical Mindfulness, Contemplative Pedagogy, Participatory Approaches in Teaching and Learning, Participatory Research Methodologies

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+44 (0)7793 403082

I'm from Northern Ireland and moved to Scotland in 1993, initially settling in Edinburgh and working in homelessness for four years before studying for the Masters in Social Work degree at Glasgow University.  I qualified as a social worker in 1999 and practised for ten years, mainly in mental health in the West of Scotland, including, as a mental health officer and practice team leader in community mental health settings. The opportunity to move to higher education arose in 2009 when I took up a post at Glasgow Caledonian University, initially as lecturer and then senior lecturer in social work. My Scottish journey, to some extent, came full circle with a move to the University of Edinburgh in 2019 as senior lecturer in social work. I am a member of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland and a Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

Teaching interests

My research and teaching interests are interlinked. I am currently programme director for the post-qualifying award in Mental Health Social Work at the University of Edinburgh. This centres on enabling qualified social workers to gain critical understandings of mental health and mental health law, in order to undertake the statutory Mental Health Officer role. I also teach across the qualifying social work degree programmes on mental health, mindfulness, communication, anti-oppressive practice and research methods. I have longstanding experience of programme design and innovation, and have made key contributions to institutional and regulatory body reviews, including as External Examiner for HEIs in England and Scotland. My responsibilities also include supporting the participation of people with lived experience in teaching and learning on the social work degree programmes.


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Peer reviewed journal articles

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Book chapters

McCusker, P. and Jackson, J., 2018, Suicide and Self-Harm. In: MacIntyre, G., Stewart, A. and McCusker,P., 2018. (eds) Adult Safeguarding: Key Themes and Issues. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Other publications

McCusker, P., 2020. Mindfulness in social work education and practice, IRISS Insight 56….

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