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Philip Rathgeb

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Lecturer in Social Policy

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I am a Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh and an Associated Fellow in the Zukunftskolleg at the University of Konstanz. Previously, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Konstanz. I hold a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute and held visiting positions at Harvard University, Lund University, and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

My research and teaching interests fall in the area of comparative political economy, with a particular focus on welfare states, labour relations, party politics, and social inequality. In my research I currently examine how radical right parties influence the reform trajectories of European welfare states, i.e. their social policy impact. © Picture courtesy of Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University.


PhD in Political and Social Sciences (European University Institute, 2016)

Master of Research (European University Institute, 2013)

Mag. phil. in Political Science (Austrian equivalent of MA, University of Vienna, 2011)

Peer-reviewed publications

Rathgeb, Philip/Busemeyer, Marius (forthcoming) Special Issue: The Radical Right and Welfare Politics. Causes and Consequences. West European Politics.

Rathgeb, Philip/Gruber-Risak, Martin (forthcoming) Deserving Natives First: The Impact of the Radical Right on the Austrian Welfare State, Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal

Rathgeb, Philip/Busemeyer, Marius (2021) How to study the populist radical right and the welfare state? West European Politics, online first. 

Rathgeb, Philip/Klitgaard, Michael Baggesen (2021) Protagonists or consenters: radical right parties and attacks on trade unionsJournal of European Public Policy, online first.

Busemeyer, Marius/Rathgeb, Philip/Sahm, Alexander (2021) Authoritarian values and the welfare state: the social policy preferences of radical right votersWest European Politics, online first.

Rathgeb, Philip/Tassinari, Arianna (2020) How the Eurozone disempowers trade unions: the political economy of competitive internal devaluation. Socio-Economic Review, online first.

Rathgeb, Philip (2021) Makers against takers: the socio-economic ideology and policy of the Austrian Freedom Party. West European Politics 44 (3): 635-660.

Rathgeb, Philip (2019) No Flexicurity without trade unions: The Danish experienceComparative European Politics 17 (1): 1-21.

Rathgeb, Philip (2018) Strong Governments, Precarious Workers: Labor Market Policy in the Era of Liberalization. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Rathgeb, Philip (2018) When weak governments confront inclusive trade unions: The politics of protecting labour market outsiders in the age of dualization. European Journal of Industrial Relations 24 (1): 5-22.

Rathgeb, Philip (2017) Relying on weak governments: Austrian trade unions and the politics of smoothed dualisation. Austrian Journal of Political Science 45 (3): 45-55.

Research interests

Research interests

Welfare reform politics, Trade unions, Labour Market Policy, Institutions and institutional change, Radical right parties, Dynamics of capitalism

Topics interested in supervising

I would be interested in supervising PhD projects in social policy and labour relations. I would particularly welcome enquiries about supervision on projects that focus on the (1) areas of labour market policy and labour relations or (2) on the role played by radical right parties, trade unions and, more generally, European integration in the political economy of capitalism and the welfare state.

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