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Honorary Professorial Fellow

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  • MA (University of Cambridge)
  • MSc (Soc Sci) (University of Bristol)
  • PhD (University of Edinburgh)

Publications from 2021

Edited Books

2024 (in press) Roger Jeffery with Friederike Voigt (eds). Perspectives on India: Edinburgh’s Colonial and Contemporary Views (New Delhi: Social Science Press, and London: Routledge)

2021: Clémence Jullien & Roger Jeffery (eds) Childbirth in South Asia: Old challenges and new paradoxes (New Delhi: Oxford University Press)

2021: Madeleine Arnot, Pauline Rose, Roger Jeffery & Nidhi Singal (eds) Reforming Education and Challenging Inequalities in Southern contexts: Research and policy in international development (London: Routledge)

Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals

2024: Roger Jeffery, David S. Jones, and Kiran Kumbhar. ‘The historical sociology of medicine in India: Introduction to the special section.’ Sociology of Health & Illness, 46, 5: 791-794. DOI: 10.1111/1467-9566.13737. 

2024: Roger Jeffery: 'Current Challenges for Doctors in India: Deprofessionalisation, Reprofessionalisation or Fragmentation?' Sociology of Health and Illness, 46, 5: 795-814. DOI: 10.1111/1467-9566.13564.

2022: Clémence Jullien and Roger Jeffery. ‘Becoming a mother in COVID-19: Adjustments in performing motherhood.’ Medicine, Anthropology, Theory, 9 (2): 1–27. DOI: 10.17157/mat.9.2.5310.

2022:   Anastasia L. Yang, Nandula Raghuram, Stephen D Porter, Tapan K. Adhya, Sangeeta Bansal, Ananta Panda, Nissanka, S. Aminath Shazly, Rifaath Hassan, Mohammad A. Watto, Anik, A.R., Rajendra Joshi, A. Jayaweera, Anju Pokhrel, Himadri Kaushik, David Kanter, Sharna, S., Sharmin, S., Smriti Das, & Roger Jeffery. ‘Policies to combat nitrogen pollution in South Asia: Gaps and opportunities’, Environmental Research Letters. DOI:10.1088/1748-9326/ac48b2.

2022: Roger Jeffery: ‘Health policy and federalism in India’ Territory, Politics, Governance, 10, 1 (67-85), doi: 10.1080/21622671.2021.1899976

2021: Raghuram, Nandula, Mark A. Sutton, Roger Jeffery, Ramesh Ramachandran, & Tapan K. Adhya. "From South Asia to the world: embracing the challenge of global sustainable nitrogen management." One Earth. doi: 10.1016/j.oneear.2020.12.017

Chapters in Edited Books

2021:  Roger Jeffery and Clémence Jullien: ‘Changing Childbirth in 21st Century South Asia’, editorial introduction in Clémence Jullien & Roger Jeffery (eds) Childbearing in South Asia: Old challenges and new paradoxes, (New Delhi and Oxford: Oxford University Press).

2021:  Pauline Rose, Madeleine Arnot, Roger Jeffery & Nidhi Singal: ‘Education and the reform of social inequalities in the Global South: an introduction’ in Madeline Arnot, Pauline Rose, Roger Jeffery & Nidhi Singal (eds) Reforming Education and Challenging Inequalities in Southern Contexts: New Directions for Educational Research (London: Routledge), pp. 1-16.

2021: Feyza Bhatti and Roger Jeffery:Confronting Social Inequality through Fertility Change in Punjab, Pakistan: The Role of Girls’ Schooling’ for Madeline Arnot, Pauline Rose, Roger Jeffery & Nidhi Singal (eds) Reforming Education and Challenging Inequalities in Southern contexts: New Directions for Educational Research (London: Routledge), pp. 144-164.

Other publications

2022:   Antonia Simpson and Roger Jeffery: ‘John Borthwick Gilchrist: An Edinburgh Lad O’ Pairts Let Loose in India and London’ Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, New Series 17: 1-14.

2021:   Yang, A.L.; Adhya, T.K.; Anik, A.R.; Bansal, S.; Das, S.; Hassan, R.; Jayaweera, A.; Jeffery, R.; Joshi, R.; Kanter, D.; Kaushik, H.; Nissanka, S.P.; Panda, A.N.; Pokharel, A.; Porter, S.D.; Raghuram, N.; Sharna, S.C.; Shazly, A.; Shifa, S.; Watto, M.A. Nitrogen-relevant policies from South Asia collected by the South Asian Nitrogen Hub (SANH) 2020-2021. NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre.

2021:   Roger Jeffery, Anastasia Yang, Nandula Raghuram, Tapan Kumar Adhya, Zammath Khaleel, South Asian Regional Cooperation on Sustainable Nitrogen Management: Nitrogen Pollution in South Asia: Scientific Evidence, Current Initiatives and Policy Landscape. SANH Policy Paper PP1, Colombo & Edinburgh

2021:   Roger Jeffery and Ian Harper: ‘Professor Turner’s skulls and his skulls room: Racial theorising in early 20th Century Edinburgh’ Retrospect

2021: Tamar Pitch and Roger Jeffery: ‘Le gouvernement en chiffres’, in Tour du monde de la Covid-19, (eds) Shigehisa Kuriyama, Ota de Leonardis, Carlos Sonnenschein et Ibrahima ThioubParis: Editions Manucius; English version posted in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science Covid-19 Perspectives blog at…;

2021: Roger Jeffery and Hauke Wiebe, ‘From Henderson Row to Delhi’, The Academical 2020

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