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Sambhavi Ganesh

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PhD student

Sambhavi Ganesh

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With the contention that 'Brahmin' is a male category, I seek to understand the construction and performance of Brahmin womanhood in the context of their recent advances in access to public life. 


2020-till date: Ph.D. (South Asian Studies), University of Edinburgh

2019: MA Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai)

2017: Dip. Conflict Transformation & Peace Building, Lady Shri Ram College

2017: BA Political Science (Honours), Lady Shri Ram College


2021: Tutor, "South Asia in the World" (UG year 1) 

Conference Papers and Presentations

"Personal/Political: Studying the biographies of Tamil Brahmin women", British Association for South Asian Studies Conference 2021, University of Edinburgh, UK (April 2021 - online).

"Reversing the Gaze: Migrant Housing beyond State Policy", 12th International Forum on Urbanism at University of Tarumanagara, Jakarta, Indonesia (June 2019).

"New Wave of Social Movements in Tamil Nadu: The Case of Jallikattu Protests, January 2017", St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India (Feb. 2018). Published in Niti Samvaad e-Journal (vol. III).

Academic Awards

2020-23: Graduate School Studentship, School of Social and Political Science

2020-23: School International Award, School of Social and Political Science


Dr. Hugo Gorringe and Dr. Radhika Govinda

Research interests

Research interests

Caste, Gender, Auto/Narrative, Families, households and domestic life