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Professor of Comparative Public Policy

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22 George Square

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Research interests

Agenda-setting, Public policy, Interest groups, Public opinion, Political behaviour, Time series analysis, Event history analysis, Measurement

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Shaun is interested in students doing UK, US and/or Comparative work on, Agenda-setting, Public Policy, Interest Groups, Political Institutions and Political Behavior, particularly related to Public Opinion. He is also interested in projects focused on using dynamic, time series data.

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Shaun Bevan is Professor of Comparative Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh. He is also an External Fellow at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) at the University of Mannheim and is Director of the Master Codebook for the Comparative Agendas Project ( in charge of the common Master Codebook and the integration of new projects.

Shaun received his Ph.D. in political science from The Pennsylvania State University in August 2011. He has previously worked as a research fellow at the University of Mannheim and as a research associate at the University of Manchester managing the UK Policy Agenda Project ( which he remains actively involved in as its current director. He also previously managed the Encyclopedia of Associations Project an extension of the US Policy Agendas Project ( that tracks national level voluntary associations in the United States in a panel data set from 1970-2005. 

Shaun's substantive interests focus on agenda-setting, public policy, interest groups, public opinion and representation in Britain, the US and comparatively. He is also interested in methodological issues time series methods, measurement and computational linguistics. His work has appeared in such journals as Comparative Political Studies, Electoral Studies, the European Journal of Political Research, the European Political Science Review, the Journal of European Public Policy, Party Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Policy Studies Journal and Public Administration.


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During term time Fridays 11-13 and by appointment.

Publications by user content

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