School of Social and Political Science

Sublime N. Mabiala

Job Title

PhD title: Hybrid Governance and Political Participation of Religious Institutions in post-conflict fragile contexts.




Thesis’ summary 

Developed around the question “do the hybrid governance and political participation of religious institutions foster social reconstruction in post-conflict weak/fragile contexts? If yes, how and if not, why?, my PhD thesis explores and unfolds the complexities, challenges, and potentialities of the hybridity of governance between FBOs and the State. Drawing from empirical fieldwork conducted in the post-war DRC as case study, it investigated the interlinkages between local major religious institutions and the government alongside their effects and prospects in public sphere. For this purpose, it deployed an interdisciplinary methodological and analytical framework that includes history, theo-political anthropology , sociology of religion , political science, peace studies and development studies. 

supervisors: Dr. Barbara Bompani & Dr. Tom Boylston  

Research interests

Research interests

Religion and Politics, Christianity and State, Hybrid governance, Ethics and Social Reconstruction, FBOs and Development, Epistemology of Hope, G/Localization, Religion and Transnationalism, North-South Partnership, Post-conflict environments.