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Suriyah Bi


I completed my BA (Hons) in Human Sciences at Magdalen College, University of Oxford (2014) during which I received a scholarship to study at Stanford University's Sophomore College. I then completed my MA at School of Oriental and African Studies (2015), after which I pursued my PhD at University College London, which I have recently successfully defended (July 2019). During the final year of my PhD I was a VAR fellow at Yale University’s Department of Anthropology. I have been teaching and lecturing at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London, and the University of Edinburgh. At Edinburgh I am also the Deputy Programme Director for Social Research. I have founded and am Chief Editor of the Journal of British Muslim Studies.

I am also keen to channel my research findings into policies that can make positive social change at the grassroots level. I founded the Equality Act Review in. 2018 to protect and improve the Equality Act 2010, in order to create a just, fair, and equal society for all. I conduct various equality research through the organisation and employ this in the influencing of policy, by advising and briefing MPs and Ministers. Furthermore, I am a Researcher for the APPG on Muslim Women where I am currently leading the research into Muslim Women's experiences of maternity care in the UK.

Selected publications

Bi, S. 2017. Holes in my Hijab: Conquering the Subaltern Muslim Woman. Wordpress Blog.

Bi, S. 2018. Panopticons, Power and Pleasure: Why the Hijab is not a problem. Journal of British Muslim Studies.

Bi, S. 2019. More than Multiple Jeopardy: Navigating the Legal System as a British-Muslim-Woman-Litigant-in-Person. Journal of Muslims in Europe.

Bi, S. 2020a. Empowered Employment: Unlocking the workplace for Muslim Women. Equality Act Review.

Bi, S. 2020c. The community supermarkets exploiting vulnerable British Muslims March 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic: Implications for Immunity, Physical/Mental Health, and Social Trust. Journal of British Muslim Studies.

Bi, S. 2020d. Racialisation of Rescuehood: Contextualising British Muslims stuck March 2020 abroadduring theCOVID-19pandemic. Journal of British Muslim Studies.

Bi, S. 2020f. Predicting Futures: A UK wide study examining student concerns amidst June 2020 coronavirus exam cancellations. Equality Act Review.

Bi, S. 2020g. Predicting Futures 2.0: Examining student experiences of predicted grades amidst coronavirus exam cancellations. Equality Act Review.

Forthcoming books

Racialisation of Islam: British Muslims as tools for Nation Making.

Muslim Masculinities and Marriage Migration: South Asian Bridegrooms in Britain

Media features

ITV News: New report shows predicted grades could unfailrly predict futurees of students. June 2020.

Huffington Post: If my grades were predicted I would never have studied at Oxford and Yale, June 2020.

Channel 4 News: Over 100,000 exam results to be upgraded after Scottish government u-turn, August 2020.

Huffington Post: This years disastrous A-level results are just the beginning of catastrophe, August 2020.

Byline Times: The exam grading system stille xacerbates inequality despite Williamson's u-turn, August 2020.

BBC News: Black applicants least likely to be offered PhD places, November 2020.

Muslim Vibe: Heavy is the head that wears the hijab, November 2020.

Sky news: New reports shows classroom bias of predicted grades, December 2020.

Independent: Impact of predicted grades means education is no longer a tool for social mobility, December 2020.

Byline Times: The student grading debacale has entrenched social and racial inequality, December 2020.

Taught courses

Muslims in Britain and Islam in Britain, SOAS University of London.

African and Asian Diasporas, SOAS University of London.

Anthropology of Gender, SOAS University of London

Racialisation of Islam (public lecture series), SOAS University of London.

Ethnographies Seminar, University of Edinburgh.

Engaged Anthropology Seminars, University of Edinburgh.

Project websites

Equality Act Review

Journal of British Muslim Studies

Research interests

Research interests

British Muslims, Migration and Diaspora Studies, Transantional Migration, Masculinity Studies, Anthropology of Policy and Practice, Education, inequality and social mobility, Equality Act, ethnography, Gender studies, Intersectionality, Panopticons, Social Capital, Decolonisation

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