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Talia Shoval

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PhD title: The Nature of War: Incorporating Enironmental Ethics in the Ethics of War

talia shoval

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Talia is a PhD candidate in Politics at the University of Edinburgh.

Her research project focuses on the interplay between environmental ethics and the ethics of war. She explores the ethical relations between humans beings and the non-human environment in the context of war and armed conflict. As part of this endeavour, she examines the implications of incorporating moral concern to the other-than-human world to the rightful resort to, and conduct of, armed violence. She uses a critical, non-anthropocentric perspective in environmental ethics to radically re-think the tenets of Just War Theory.


Dr Elizabeth Cripps

Dr Mathias Thaler


Member of Edinburgh Political Theory Research Group

Assosiate at CRITIQUE - Centre for Ethics and Critical Thought

Co-founder of Critique's Environmental Working Group


PhD, Politics (Political Theory), University of Edinburgh (2019-present)

M.A., Political Science (Summa Cum Laude), Tel-Aviv University (2016-2018)

Exchange Programme, Globalization and Sustainable Development, Venice International University (2013)

B.A., Political Science and Communication (Magna Cum Laude), Tel-Aviv University (2011-2014)

Awards and Scholarships

Nomination for the EUSA Teaching Award in the category of 'Tutor of the Year' (2021)

Alice Brown PhD Scholarship (2020-2024)

Excellence Scholarship (M.A. Political Science), Tel-Aviv University (2018)

M.A. Tuition Scholarship (M.A. Political Science), Tel-Aviv University (2016-2018)

Dean's list (B.A. Political Science & Communication), Tel-Aviv University (2012)

Conferences and Presentations

"Environmental Resistance: Should We Fight for Nature?", Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra (2021, Online).

'In Defence of Nature: Environmental Just Causes for the Use of Force', Political Theory Research Group, Edinburgh University (2020, Online).

Discussant in the joint Royal Society of Edinburgh/Royal Institute of Philosophy annual lecture by Professor Dale Jamieson on 'the Misunderstood Risks of Climate Change' (2020, Online).

'The Nature of War: Incorporating Environmental Ethics in the Ethics of War', Mancept Workshop on Just War in an Unjust World (2020, Online).

'Moral Naturalism, Environmental Ethics and Just War: Should Natural Facts Inform out Ethical Relations with the Non-Human World in the Context of War?', European Consortium for Political Research, Summer School on Political Epistemology (2020, Online).

'Environmental Ethics in Just War Theory', International Association of Military Ethics in Europe Conference, Vienna (2019).

Teaching and Work Experience

Tutor, 'Political Thinkers' (Dr Elizabeth Cripps & Dr Mihaela Mihai), University of Edinburgh (2020, online).

Tutor, 'Introduction to Politics and International Relations' (Dr Stephen Hill, Dr Marc Geddes), University of Edinburgh (2020, Online).

Senior Editor of Strife, Department of War Studies, King's College London (2020-2021).

Teaching Assistant, 'Dilemmas in Modern Warfare (Professor Tamar Meisels), Tel-Aviv University (2018-2019).

Lecturer, 'Introduction to Political Theory', Unit for Science Oriented Youth, Tel-Aviv University (2018-2019).

Research Assistant to Dr Julie Cooper in a project on Jewish Political Thought, Tel-Aviv Univerisity (2018-2019).

Professional Supervisor, Unit for Science Oriented Youth, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv University (2018-2019).

Member of Editorial Board, 'The Public Sphere Journal', The School of Political Science, Government and International Relations, Tel-Aviv University (2017-2019).

Tutor, 'Contemporary Political Thought' (Professor Tamar Meisels, Dr Golan Lahat), Tel-Aviv University (2017-2019).

Tutor, 'The Israeli Political Regime' (Professor Amal Jamal, Dr Yael Shomer), Tel-Aviv University (2016-2019).

Tutor, 'Introduction to International Relations' (Dr Uriel Abulof), Tel-Aviv University (2016-2017).

Research interests

Research interests

Talia's research interests include political theory, moral philosophy and applied ethics. More specifically, she is interested in environmental ethics, ecojustice, eco-philosophy, critical political ecology and ecofeminism, as well as Just War theory and philosophical issues of violent conflict.