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Tod Van Gunten

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Lecturer in Economic Sociology


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Chrystal Macmillan Building

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15a George Square

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Research interests

Research interests

Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Social network analysis, International development, Globalization, Sociological Theory, Quantitative Methods, Qualitative Research Methods, Mixed methods research in social sciences

Topics interested in supervising

I am interested in supervising PhDs in economic, political and comparative/historical sociology that take a broad range of methodological approaches, both qualitative and quantitative. In addition, I am interested in working with students using social network analysis, computational text analysis, and other innovative quantitative methods, on a wide array of topics. For PhD supervision inquiries, please contact me at latest by October 1st of year before you hope to begin your PhD (e.g. by 1st October 2021 for a PhD to begin in September 2022). Earlier than this is better. After this date I am unlikely to be able to offer supervision in a timely manner for PhD funding applications. I expect to work with applicants for at least two months in developing their research proposals to improve applicants' chances of a funding award. Please bear in mind that PhD funding is extremely competitive.

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Tuesdays, 11:00-13:00

Publications by user content

Publication Research Explorer link
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