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Dr Tom O'Shea

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Lecturer in Political Theory

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Chrystal Macmillan Building

Research interests

Research interests

  • Freedom

  • Civic republicanism

  • Socialism and radical political thought

The main focus of my research is human freedom in history, theory, and practice. Most recently, I have been developing a socialist republican approach to the problem of economic domination. This builds on my earlier work on freedom and power in the social and legal regulation of disability. I have also written on medical consent and conscience in the history of moral thought, the relationship between autonomy and rationality, and the philosophy of sexual desire. In future research, I plan to investigate the idea of slavery in socialist, feminist, and black radical thought.



I joined the university in 2022 after having held posts at the Universities of Essex, Roehampton, and York. My own academic education has been in philosophy (including a doctorate from the University of Sheffield). But I now work largely at the intersection of political theory and the history of political thought. I take an ecumenical approach to political theory which combines analytical, critical, and historical methods, while being informed by wider research in the humanities and social sciences.


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