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Valeria Izzi

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Honorary Fellow

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Honorary Fellow, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh

Senior Consultant (Associate), NIRAS-LTS International

Outline Biography

Laurea, Political Science, University of Pisa.

M.Sc., International Politics of Asia and Africa, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Ph.D., International Law and Politics, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa.


Book chapters and contributions to edited volumes

IZZI, V. (2021), "Lost in Translation? Youth Employment and Peacebuilding—from Policy to Programs", in M. Ensor, Securitizing Youth: Young People's Roles in the Global Peace and Security Agenda, Rutgers University Press, ISBN: 978-19-788-2237-5

IZZI, V. & C. KUMAR (2013), “Do Youth Programmes Contribute to Post- Conflict Peacebuilding? Some reflections on existing practice”, in A. Schnabel and A. Tabyshalieva (eds), Escaping Victimhood: Children, Youth and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding, Tokyo: United Nations University Press. pp. 181-196, ISBN 978-92-808-1211-4.

IZZI, V. (2011), “Enfants soldats”, in M. Marzano (ed.), Dictionnaire de la Violence, Paris: Presses Universitaires Françaises, pp. 411-419. ISBN : 978-2-13-057734-8.

IZZI, V. (2011), “Johan Galtung”, in M. Marzano (ed.), Dictionnaire de la Violence, Paris: Presses Universitaires Françaises, pp. 523-528. ISBN : 978-2-13-057734-8.

IZZI, V. & K. PISHCHIKOVA (2011) “Engaging Civil Society in Peacebuilding”, in R. Marchetti & N. Tocci (eds), Conflict Society and Peacebuilding, New Delhi: Routledge India, pp. 41-71. ISBN: 978-0-415-68563-4.

IZZI, V. (2002), “Development and Human Rights: Stretching the World Bank?”, in A. de Guttry (ed.), Le nuove sfide nella protezione internazionale dei diritti dell’uomo, Pisa: Edizioni ETS, pp.81-99. ISBN: 88-467-0525-4

Journal articles

BRUECK, T., FERGUSON, N.T.N., IZZI, V. & STOJETZ, W. (2020), "Can Jobs Programmes Build Peace", The World Bank Research Observer,…

IZZI, V. (2013), “Just Keeping Them Busy? Youth employment projects as a peacebuilding tool”, International Development Planning Review, 35 (2), pp. 103-117.

IZZI, V. (2011), “No Nkunda No Job: Rumours, Local Narratives and Peacebuilding in the Kivus, Democratic Republic of Congo”, Human Security Perspectives, 1, pp.165-181.

Conference papers

IZZI, V. (2013), Why Youth Anyway? Examining the rationale for a youth-specific focus in donor-funded employment projects, Paper presented at the International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Employment in the Global South – Copenhagen Business School, 25 June.

IZZI, V. (2011), Youth Unemployment and Peacebuilding in Sub-Saharan Africa – unpacking assumptions, Paper presented at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, 31 August.

IZZI, V. (2011), No Nkunda No Job: Local Perceptions, Rumours and Peacebuilding in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Paper presented at the 4th Graz Workshop on the Future of Security, University of Graz, 7-8 April.

IZZI, V. & K. PISHCHIKOVA (2009), Engaging Civil Society in Peacebuilding – reflections on past practice, Paper presented at the SHUR Final Conference, Luiss University, Rome,May 5.

IZZI, V. & C. KURZ (2009), Potential and Pitfalls of Conflict-Sensitive Development in Conflict Zones - reflections on the case of North Kivu, DRC, Paper presented at the International Studies Association Annual Convention, New York NY, February 17.

Reports (selection)

IZZI, V. (2020), Promoting decent employment for African youth as a peacebuilding strategy, INCLUDE Evidence Synthesis Paper. 

BRUECK, T., FERGUSON, N.T.N, IZZI, V. & STOJETZ, W. (2016), Jobs Aid Peace - A Review of the Theory and Practice of the Impact of Employment Programmes on Peace in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries, Berlin: International Security and Development Center.

IZZI, V. (2010), “Democratic Republic of Congo”, in Building an Inclusive, Responsive and Capable State, Background Papers for the UNDP Community of Practice Meeting, Dakar: United Nations Development Programme.

IZZI, V. & C. KURZ (2009), Etude sur la sensibilité aux conflits du Programme PEAR Plus. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo: Search for Common Ground for UNICEF. October. (here the Executive Summary in English).

IZZI, V, D. MASUMBUKO, C. MOYROUD & C. KURZ (2009), Exercice participative d’Analyse des Conflits et des Capacités de Paix pour la Planification du Développement dans la Province du Nord-Kivu – Rapport Final, Cellule Provinciale d’Appui à la Pacification (CPAP) and UNDP. Goma, North Kivu, DRC, April.

Research interests

Research interests

Youth, International development, political economy of development, job creation, peacebuilding, conflict sensitive approaches to development, evidence-based development

I am interested in examining the unintended impact of donors' development policies and interventions on social, political and cultural dynamics at the local level. My latest research focuses on the theory and practice of youth-specific interventions in international development, and in particular on the use of youth employment programmes as a stabilisation and peacebuilding measure in post-conflict African countries.