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The future of work and global labour governance: international organisations in the fourth industrial revolution (supervisors: Jay Wiggan and Daniel Clegg)

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Vicente Silva is a final-year PhD candidate in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh. His doctoral research analyses the expansion of the future of work agenda at the international level in the current decade. It compares the role of multilateral agencies – the ILO, the OECD and the World Bank- in developing new measures to adjust global labour policy to the challenges posed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Vicente has previously worked as a researcher at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and as a consultant for the Public Policy Division of the Government of Chile.


Silva, V. (2021) 'The ILO and the future of work: the politics of global labour policy', Global Social Policy, March 2021. 

Silva, V. (2021) 'Review: A. Wilkinson & M. Barry. 2020. The future of work and employment. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar', Global Labour Journal, vol. 12, no. 2

Silva, V. (2020) 'Digital transformations and the future of work in Latin America' (Transformaciones digitales y el futuro del trabajo en Latinoamerica). Working paper no. 6, Asuntos del Sur Foundation & International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Silva, V. (2018) 'Building local public spheres: lessons from international experience' (Construyendo esferas públicas locales: lecciones desde la experiencia internacional). Santiago: UNDP (Report)

Larrañaga, O., Cociña, M., Falck, D., Frei, R., Herrera, R., Silva, V. (2017) 'Unequal. Origins, changes and challenges in Chile’s social gap' (Desiguales. Orígenes, cambios y desafíos en la brecha social de Chile). Santiago: UNDP (Book). 

Salas, V., Sacks, S., Silva, V. (2016) 'Indigenous representation in legislatures. Keys from international experience' (Representación indígena en poderes legislativos. Claves desde la experiencia internacional). More and Better Democracy Series, No. 2, Santiago: UNDP (Report)

Silva, V., Ortega, D. (2016) 'Second measurement of the state of the Millennium Development Goals in the indigenous population of Chile' (Segunda medición de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio en la población indígena en Chile). Santiago: UNDP & Government of Chile (Book)


Silva, V. (2019) 'The future of work as a global issue', Chile Conference on Public Policy, LSE-Oxford University

Silva, V. (2018) ‘The political economy of automation: interests, ideas and institutions in the next great transformation’, IIPPE 9th Annual Conference in Political Economy – Pula, Croatia

Silva, V. (2018) ‘Rethinking labour governance for the future of work’, Challenges for Development Conference, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Academic experience

  • Tutor at the School of Social and Political Science, U. of Edinburgh. Courses and organisers:

‘Rethinking the financial crisis (Dr. Jan Eichhorn) – 2017/18

‘Understanding public policy’ (Dr. Niccolo Durazzi) – 2019/20

‘International political economy’ (Dr. Julia Calvert) – 2019/20

'Global and international social policy' (Dr. Markus Ketola) - 2020/21

  • Tutor at the Edinburgh Futures Institute from the U. of Edinburgh:

'Currents: understanding global challenges' (Prof. Liz Grant) - 2020/21

  • Guest lecturer at School of Social and Political Science, U. of Edinburgh:

Lectures on policy transfer and international organisations - ‘Understanding public policy’ (Dr. Daniel Kenealy) - 2019/20 and 2020/21

Lectures on global labour policy and the future of work- ''Global and international social policy' (Dr. Markus Ketola) - 2020/21


  • Best performance prize - MSc in Sociology and Global Change (awarded to best student of the 2016/17 cohort)
  • Becas Chile Magister/Doctorado (fully-funded scholarship to study a masters degree and a PhD in the UK, granted by the Government of Chile)


  • BA in Sociology ('Maximum distinction'), University of Chile (2014)
  • MSc in Sociology and Global Change ('Distinction', Best Performance), University of Edinburgh (2017)
  • PhD (c) in Social Policy, University of Edinburgh (2018-2021)

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