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Yiru Zhao

Job Title

PhD Student

Research interests

Research interests

My research interests lie in digital sociology, fan studies and media studies. In particular, I have a strong interest in a wide range of topics including platform economics, media technology, labor theory, and popular music research. My current research focuses on the culture of Chinese pop music data fans.



B.A. Sociology, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan
MRes Sociology & Research Methods, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
In Progress (2021-) Ph.D. Sociology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

Academic Publications

Book Review: Digital Working Lives: Worker Autonomy and the Gig Economy by Tim Christianes. LSE Review of Books, 2023. Available at:…

The Body View and Gender Politics behind the ‘Formoonsa Cup’: An Internet Community Case Study in Taiwan (“月亮杯”背后的身体观与性别政治:以台湾为例), Culture & Communication, 2019,8(05):29-37.

Zhao, Yiru et al., The ‘End of Meaning’ in Postmodern Network Society (后现代网络社会“意义的终结”), Internet literature Review, 2018(03):52-58.

The Consumption Habitus of Chinese Double Eleven Festival from the Perspective of Marcus’ Alienation Theory: The Review of ‘Eros and Civilization’(从马尔库塞的异化理论看双十一的异化——《爱欲与文明》读后), Yuehaifeng, 2018(01):111-112. DOI: 10.16591/j.cnki.44-1332/i.2018.01.022

Published Literary Works

Besides my academic pursuits, I am also a freelance writer. I have published ten essays and poems in The Economic Observer (经济观察报), Yangcheng Evening News (羊城晚报), Shenzhen Special Zone Daily (深圳特区报), Shenzhen Economic Daily (深圳商报), Southern Industry News (南方工报), and Shenzhen Youth News (深圳青少年报). Additionally, I released a collection of my personal literary work Flower of the Dawn's Light (晨曦之花) in 2015. Below are my most recent publications:

与英国版画花卉的人文邂逅. 经济观察报,2023年11月26日. (Humanistic Encounters with Floricultural Engravings in the United Kingdom. The Economic Observer, 26 November 2023) Available at:

西方艺术作品中的众神形象——读《遇见众神》. 深圳商报,2023年7月25日. (The Depiction of Deities in Western Artistic Works: A Review of Encountering the Greek Gods. Shenzhen Economic Daily, 25 July 2023) Available at:…

《访书记》:与全球51位作家的跨文化对谈. 深圳商报,2022年11月27日A04版. (Interviews with Authors: Cross-Cultural Dialogues with 51 Writers from Around the World. Shenzhen Economic Daily, 27 November 2023, A04) Available at:…


The Honorary Member of Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honour Society of the Republic of China, 2019

Tunghai University Academic Excellence Award, 2015-2019

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