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Mr Zhiwei Wang

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PhD Student

Research interests

Research interests

At present, I am primarily interested in the question of nations and nationalism, especially the dynamics of national identity in the context of the Chinese Internet and I usually research these phenomena through qualitative approaches. Besides, my areas of interest also include digital media and social media studies, cyberpunk culture, biopower and biopolitics, digital health, social capital, Marxism, neoliberalism, digital labour, agency and structure, surveillance, deviance and East Asia (particularly China).



  • MA / Digital Media and Society (University of Sheffield)
  • Bachelor of Literature / English (International Trade) (Hefei University of Technology (China) (HFUT))


  • Book Reviews

Wang, Z. (2021). Jasper M. Trautsch (ed.), Civic Nationalisms in Global Perspective. Routledge, 2019. viii + 213 pp. £36.99 (ebk), £36.99 (pbk), £120.00 (hbk), DOI: Nations and Nationalism, 27(4), pp. 1305–1306. DOI: 10.1111/nana.12774

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