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Step 4: Evidencing Your Achievements


We know the job market is really tough, but the good news is that the activities you do outside of your degree are important to employers. They are looking for applicants who have a proven commitment to personal development and who are able to articulate their skills and abilities using real-life examples.

With so many people competing in the graduate job market every year, just having a degree is no longer enough. Employers want university graduates who are ready for work - they’ll be investing in you and they want to know they’ll get a return on that investment.

Employers want graduates who:

  • are self-aware
  • capitalise on their strengths
  • will have impact wherever they work
  • are committed to personal development and life-long learning
  • can confidently provide evidence for these claims

The SPS Edinburgh Awards are a series of events and activities designed to strengthen your CV and help you stand out to employers.

SPS Edinburgh Awards & Certificates

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