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Skills for Success Workshops


The SDO host a series of 'Skills for Success' sessions in weeks 1 and 2. Each session will focus on a different year of the degree. Slides from the sessions will be made available after the event.

In each year of your degree, the SDO will encourage you to focus on a different aspect of your academic and professional development.

Year 1 - Skills for Academic Success

We'll help you to hone the core academic skills that you'll need during your degree. We'll be focusing on learning skills, reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills and exam skills

BOOK HERE - Skills for Success UG1

Year 2 - Preparing for Honours

We start to think about the step-change to Honours-level learning. We'll look at how you learn and help you to understand where your preferences as a learner lie.

BOOK HERE - Skills for Success UG2

Year 3 - Planning for Your Career

We shift our focus from academic development to professional development. We'll be thinking about how to build your CV and the different resources available to help you.

BOOK HERE - Skills for Success UG3

Year 4 - Getting the Job

We start to think about recruitment from the employer's perspective: what skills do they want and how can you build rapport during the interview process.

BOOK HERE - Skills for Success UG4

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